Youth Union of Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology join hands to prevent and fight the COVID-19 epidemic

Implementing the directives of the Prime Minister, the Steering Committee for Disease Prevention and Control of COVID-19, Leaders of VAST, and Official Letter 10-CV/ĐTNVHL-VP on 16/3/2020 of the Executive Board of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology delegation on prevention and control of the disease COVID-19; in case of the complicated situation of COVID-19 epidemic in the country and in the world, grassroots branches under the Youth Union of the Institute have carried out many practical activities to join hands with agencies and localities in epidemic prevention and control.

Propaganda and support activities for COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control have been implemented at all affiliated establishments, such as making health declarations on NCOVI application, in coordination with agencies and units to propagate epidemic prevention measures through leaflets and social networks, checking body temperature, distributing masks, and hand sanitizer for staff at the agency. Especially, on March 26, 2020, the program “Joining hands with the front line of COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control” was implemented by the Youth Union of VAST in Ho Chi Minh City.

The purpose of the program was to provide basic medical supplies (hand sanitizer, face mask) to frontline units in COVID-19 epidemic prevention in Ho Chi Minh City, specifically, 3 isolated areas under the management of HCMC City Command: Cu Chi Field Hospital (Nhuan Duc Commune, Cu Chi District), Military School District 7 (District 12) and Dormitory of the National University of Ho Chi Minh City (Thu Duc District). The program received the support of the Party Committee, the leaders of the units and the enthusiastic response of youth union members and the support of Hoang Ma limited liability company. The branches have produced hand sanitizer by themselves according to the standards of WHO and the Ministry of Health, bought antibacterial masks and sent them to the units on the COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control frontline units. Executive Committee of the grassroots delegations sent representatives to 3 isolated areas and presented 1800 bottles of hand sanitizer with a capacity of 150ml / bottle and 1500 antibacterial masks (divided equally among 3 isolation zones). During the implementation of the program, the Youth Union cadres strictly abided by the regulations on COVID-19 epidemic prevention of the Ministry of Health.

Some photos of the program:

Donating antiseptic hand sanitizer and masks to Military School District 7 (District 12, Ho Chi Minh City)

Donating antiseptic hand sanitizer and mask to military forces serving at Cu Chi Field Hospital and City National University Dormitory. Ho Chi Minh

Translated by Phuong Ha
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