Youth of Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology responds to "Youth Volunteer Year 2014"

In order to carry out activities to commemorate the 83-year anniversary of the establishment of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union and respond to the five Volunteer Youths launched by the Central Youth Union; With the consent of the Party Committee and Leaders of the Office of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, the Executive Committee of the Youth Union of the units helps the President to launch the Volunteer Youth Program in 2014 with the theme "Compassion". 

The program was launched with the purpose of donating funds and objects (blankets, clothes, school supplies, household utensils ...) to give to small children and families in difficult circumstances. Peace.

Donate to support the Program with the participation of the Office of the Academy, Functional Departments, Trade Union Office, Party Committee Office and some other individuals. In particular, there are 10 gifts presented by GS.VS. Nguyen Van Hieu - Former Director of Vietnam Academy of Science (now VAST) is supporting poor students who overcome difficult circumstances.

In two days from March 22-23, 2014, the Executive Committee of the Youth Union visited and worked in Pa Co Commune, Bo Bun Sub-area, Mai Chau, Hoa Binh Province. Receiving the delegation was the Head of the Zone, Bo Bun, Comrade Bui Huu Tri, representative of Bo Bun Sub-district Front, and the Youth Union members. The Executive Committee of the Youth Union The units of units assisting the President of the Institute directly gave gifts to families and poor students in difficult circumstances, and held a meeting with the Youth Union at Bo Bun sub-district improved the youth spirit of "mutual affection".

Take souvenir photos at the volunteer session

The Youth Union"s 2014 "Compassionate Volunteer Program" is a practical and meaningful activity that means "good leaves to keep torn leaves". Through the movement, the Youth Union members have the opportunity to promote the role of assault, volunteer of youth, solidarity and improve the quality of activities of the Union.

Tranlated by Minh Tam

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