Workshop on Security Research and Due Diligence

On January 10 to 11, 2024, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) coordinated with Sandia National Laboratories (USA) and CRDF Global to organize a global bilateral training workshop on Research Security and Due Diligence to identify and manage risks in the research environment, promote research security and protect intellectual property in Vietnam. The workshop is supported by the US Department of State through the Office of Cooperative Threat Reduction and the US Embassy in Vietnam.

Speaking at the opening of the Conference, Dr. Nguyen Hoang Duong, Vice Director of the International Cooperation Department, said that VAST welcomed delegates to the conference and thanked the parties involved in organizing the event. Dr. Duong said that Vietnam focuses on developing science and technology for socio-economic development goals. As a leading research organization under the Government, VAST aims at basic and applied research, to transfer necessary technology and control core technologies.

This conference is an event to promote an academic exchange environment, basic and applied scientific research activities; Connect and expand the community of research facilities, experts and scientists at home and abroad; afirming the importance of research confidentiality.

Through the workshop, participating individuals and organizations will learn and be equipped with more knowledge and effective methods to protect creative intellectual property from illegal transfer. Attendees will learn strategies to clearly identify and understand the risks associated with the activities of malicious actors, as well as steps taken by the international community to secure research and sensitization initiatives.

Topics of interest at the workshop include:

• Introduction to Appraisal
• Introduction to Risk Management
• Legal and Illegal Research Exploitation Methods
• Legal Environment and Research Security

Each topic at the workshop comes with interactive exercises, giving participants the opportunity to discuss with speakers, master knowledge, and learn how to better protect their best advanced research and technologies, including research, data and technology assets. The workshop focused on dialogue and collaborative discussion among all participants. When the workshop ends, attendees will be awarded a certificate of participation.

Some photos at the workshop:

Dr. Nguyen Hoang Duong, Vice Director of International Cooperation Department, VAST, delivers a welcome speech

Speakers present at the workshop

Participants at the workshop

Taking photo



Awarding a certificate of participation in the workshop


Translated by Tuyet Nhung
Link to Vietnamese version

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