Vietnam participates in 14th session of Sub-Committee on Western Pacific, UNESCO's Intergovernmental Commission on Oceanography (IOC/WESTPAC-XIV)

The 14th session of the Subcommittee for the Western Pacific, UNESCO Intergovernmental Commission on Oceanography (IOC/WESTPAC-XIV) took place on 4-7 April 2023 in Jakarta, Indonesia to summarize activities in the previous term, develop an operation plan and elect the leadership for the new term (2023-2025). The session was attended by 90 delegates from 12 WESTPAC member countries and more than 30 guests, scientists and observers. The Vietnamese delegation attending the meeting included Assoc.Prof.Dr. Dao Viet Ha, President of IOC Vietnam and Director of Institute of Oceanography, as the head of the delegation; Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Van Quan, Director of Institute of Marine Resources and Environment, and some other members.

Adapting to the "new normal" after the COVID-19 pandemic, WESTPAC continues to promote cooperation and development of marine science in the region, supporting member countries to implement priority programs and activities of WESTPAC in the study of sustainable development of the oceans and resources. The WESTPAC regional network includes 05 Marine Science and Technology Research and Training Centers (RTRC), including the Research and Training Center on Marine Toxins and Food Safety (RTRC-MTSS) of the Institute Oceanography, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology has been implementing training courses, exchange of experts, method development, and joint surveys to support member countries to increase strengthening marine scientific research capacity, contributing to the progress of the Ocean Decade, and the implementation of the UN's sustainable development goals.

The meeting updated information on IOC-UNESCO's activities; assessment of priority programs and projects of WESTPAC 2021-2023; propose activities, programs and projects in the coming term and Actions to respond to the Decade chaired by WESTPAC. In the content of the session, the proposal for the establishment of a new RTRC by the University of Hong Kong, China and the plan to prepare the 2nd Regional Conference on Ocean Decade and the 11th International Marine Science Conference of WESTPAC scheduled to be held in April 2024 in Bangkok, Thailand, was also discussed, commented and approved. The delegates highly appreciated the achievements made in the last term of the WESTPAC leadership and the contribution of member countries in the activities of WESTPAC.

In particular, this session paid much attention to WESTPAC's activities contributing to the United Nations Decade of Oceans. The high-level roundtable of representatives of member countries is an important event for members in the region to share progress, exchange ideas and resolve to implement the Ocean Decade. Speaking at the Roundtable, Assoc. Dr. Dao Viet Ha affirmed that Vietnam is ready to cooperate, proactively and actively implement UN Ocean Decade activities. Confident with the highly appreciated results of the project on marine toxins and food safety (from 2010 to present) and the operation of the Regional Training and Research Center (RTRC-MTSS) (since 2010). 2019 to present) chaired by Vietnam, Assoc. Dr. Ha emphasized the priority orientation of the IOC-VN, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology on the establishment and sharing of marine databases; reducing plastic waste, ocean acidification, oxygen depletion and rising sea temperatures; marine food safety; raise public awareness on protection and restoration of marine resources and environment. The conference adopted a joint statement of WESTPAC member countries willing to promote and participate in cooperation activities and programs in the WESTPAC region, contributing to realizing the goals of the Decade of Oceans and SDG 14.

Some photos at the meeting:

Vietnamese delegation attended the meeting

Representatives of WESTPAC member countries attended the High-Level Roundtable

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dao Viet Ha speaks at the Session

Delegates attending the Session


Translated by Quoc Khanh
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