Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology welcomes scientific research ship 'Oparin Academian' at Nha Trang Port

Continuing to implement the "Roadmap for cooperation in marine research in the period 2018-2025" of 2018 between Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) and Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), the scientific research ship of the Russian Federation named "Oparin Academian" arrived at Nha Trang Pport on May 16, 2023, kicking off the fourth joint survey trip in the Roadmap, as well as the 8th survey trip by the ship "Oparin Academian" between the two sides in Vietnamese waters. The welcoming ceremony for "Oparin Academian" will take place on May 17, 2023, at Nha Trang Port, with the participation of representatives of leaders of Khanh Hoa Province, Nha Trang City; Leaders of the Institute of Oceanography, VAST – the leading unit in Vietnam; and representatives of relevant ministries, departments. The ceremony was also connected online with bridgeheads in Hanoi, Moscow and Vladivostok.

Prof. Acad. Chau Van Minh, President of VAST, and delegates at the online point from VAST

From the headquarters of VAST in Hanoi, after warmly welcoming the ship "Oparin Academian" to safe docking, Prof. Acad. Chau Van Minh, President of VAST, reviewed the outstanding results of 7 previous joint survey trips; especially in the training of young scientists of VAST, gradually maturing through survey trips as well as scientific cooperation activities. This 8th survey trip is significant because this is the first activity to implement the cooperation agreement between the two Academies that was approved at the 24th Session of the Vietnam-Russia Intergovernmental Committee in April 2023, as well as contributing to the effective implementation of the Minutes of the 24th Session between the Governments of the two countries. Sharing the same view with VAST, from RAS headquarters in Moscow and from the FEB Far East Branch (FEB RAS) in Vladivostok, Prof. Acad. Panchenko Vladislav Yakovlevich, Vice President of RAS International Cooperation, and Prof. Acad. Yury Kulchin, President of FEB RAS, emphasized the role of marine survey cooperation in promoting scientific research and training of the two Academies; and appreciated the efforts and active cooperation from VAST for the 8th survey trip to proceed as scheduled. As a key member of the Russian Government in the subcommittee on scientific cooperation, education and training of the Vietnam-Russia Intergovernmental Commission, Mr. Konstatin Mogilevsky, Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education of Russia, highly appreciated the long-term cooperation between the two Academies,  in particular, the content of cooperation on marine science has been effectively implemented by the two Academies in recent years, and expressed support for the two Academies to continue implementing the signed cooperation roadmap until 2025 and developing cooperation in the future; contributing to promoting the long-standing traditional friendship between the two countries.



Russian representatives from the: Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Russian Academy of Sciences,
Far Eastern Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Pacific Institute of Organic Biochemistry,
speaks from Moscow and Vladivostok online bridge points

At Nha Trang Port, Representative of Khanh Hoa Province, Mr. Le Huu Hoang – Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, affirmed that the process of international integration requires us to expand international relations, strengthen the presence of our scientific research force and also create conditions for international scientists to participate in research surveys in the East Sea and promote Vietnamese marine science in the international arena. Nha Trang city, Khanh Hoa province is honored to be selected as the landing point of Academician Oparin this time, and sends warm greetings to all Russian scientists and crews who crossed the Pacific Ocean to Nha Trang port to start the 8th survey trip in Vietnamese waters in the cooperation route between 02 Institutes. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dao Viet Ha, Director of Institute of Oceanography and, representative of the lead unit of Vietnam, said, since 2005, Institute of Oceanography has been honored to welcome the ship "Academician Oparin" to the port for the 4th time, starting the survey trips between VAST and RAS, and also the 4th time that the Institute of Oceanography has been entrusted by VAST to host the Vietnamese side organization of the implementation of survey tasks. Institute of Oceanography is very aware that this is an important international cooperation task, contributing to improving the capacity and research experience in marine science of Institute of Oceanography in particular and VAST in general.; In particular, Institute of Oceanography leaders in recent years have all grown from these joint Oparin surveys. This survey once again tightened the joint research activities and friendship between Vietnamese-Russian scientists and scientists of the two Academies. 


Mr. Le Huu Hoang, Vice Chairman of Khanh Hoa People's Committee, and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dao Viet Ha, Director of Institute of Oceanography - VAST, speaks at Nha Trang Harbour Bridge

Right after finishing the ceremony and completing the logistics, the ship "Oparin Academian" will lift anchor to sea with nearly 40 scientists from specialized research units of the two Academies for about 1 month, with many promising results to be synthesized at the upcoming conference.

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Translated by Phuong Ha
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