Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology leads in digital transformation in 2021 among ministerial-level agencies that do not provide public services

The Ministry of Information and Communications has just announced the results of the assessment of the level of digital transformation at ministerial and provincial levels in 2021 (DTI 2021). According to the published results, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology ranked first in terms of digital transformation in the block of ministries, ministerial-level agencies, and government agencies that do not provide public services. This is information from the 3rd meeting of the National Committee on Digital Transformation, chaired by Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh, held on the morning of August 8, 2022, in Hanoi.

According to the newly announced DTI 2021 assessment results, the average DTI 2021 of the Ministry of Public Service level is 0.4595; the DTI value of Ministry of Non-Public Service level is 0.2151; the provincial DTI value is 0.4014.

In which, for the Ministries block that do not provide public services, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology ranked first in DTI with a value of 0.4736, an increase of 66.29% compared to 2020 (0.2848). Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology also ranked first in 3/6 main indicators including: Digital awareness; Digital Infrastructure and Digital Human Resources. The results of the evaluation of the DTI index in 2021 clearly show that the efforts of the leaders and the Digital Transformation Steering Committee of Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology have seriously and effectively implemented the "National Digital Transformation Program to 2025, with orientation to 2030" issued by the Government with the dual goal of developing digital government, digital economy and digital society, and forming Vietnamese digital technology enterprises capable of going globally, with some basic indicators. Being rated as the top among ministerial-level agencies that do not provide public services is especially meaningful in terms of investment funding for information technology infrastructure and human resources at Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology is still not much.

DTI 2021 values and key indicators of ministries that do not provide public services

DTI is a set of ministerial, provincial and national digital transformation indicators to help monitor and evaluate in a substantive, objective and fair way the results of the annual digital transformation implementation of ministries, sectors, provinces, central cities and the whole country during the implementation process.

2021 is the second year of implementing the National Digital Transformation Program chaired by the Ministry of Information and Communications. The digital transformation theme of 2021 is towards "Digital transformation step by step mature through the implementation of technology for disease prevention and control".

The DTI 2021 report provides an overall picture of Vietnam's digital transformation in 2021. The object of the assessment focuses on two blocks: (1) Blocks of ministries, ministerial-level agencies, and Government agencies (collectively referred to as ministries level), which are divided into two main groups (Ministry of Public Service and Ministry of Non-Public Service); (2) Blocks of provinces and centrally run cities (collectively referred to as provincial level).

Overall, the national DTI value of 0.6110 is above the 0.5 average, and a growth of 25.8% compared to 2020 (0.4858). Out of 24 indicators, 15 (62.5%) have achieved values above the mean 0.5. In 2021, Cognitive Transformation, Institutional Creation and Digital Infrastructure Development continued to be promoted and achieved some positive results. Developing digital human resources and ensuring network information security continue to be issues that need to be resolved soon, creating prerequisites for digital transformation at all levels in the coming time. The values of these indicators at the ministerial and provincial levels are still low. According to the evaluation score, the results of digital transformation of ministries, ministerial-level agencies, government agencies and provinces and centrally-run cities in 2021 are still in the early stages. It is necessary to have more conversion points and create favorable conditions for state agencies and businesses to participate in the digital transformation process.

Translated by Phuong Ha
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