Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology attended Meeting of Council of Plenipotentiaries of member states of the Union Institute for Nuclear Research

The Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR), established under the Convention signed by the 11 founding countries on March 26, 1956, is an intergovernmental scientific research organization, aiming to link the potential of member countries to serve the scientific development programs of each country. The head of each member state at the JINR is the Plenipotentiary Representative responsible for the member state's activities at the JINR. Plenipotentiary Council – The Council heads the JINR and has the right to decide all matters related to the operation of the Institute. The 2023 JINR Finance and Plenipotentiary Council Session will be held from March 22 to 25, 2023 in Dubna, Russian Federation. This is the first session held in person at JINR headquarters with the participation of delegates of member countries, after a long time of being held online due to the impact of the COVID pandemic.

Overview of the session

Vietnam is the 12th country to join the JINR and since 1982, and Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) has been assigned by the Government as the Plenipotentiary Representative of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam to the JINR. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Tuan Anh, Vice President of VAST, Plenipotentiary Representative of Vietnam to JINR, led the Vietnamese delegation including representatives of Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology, and Embassy of Vietnam in the Russian Federation to attend the 2023 Plenipotentiary Session in Dubna. 

During the Session, participants heard and discussed JINR's 2022 Activity Report in which the implementation of megaprojects (MegaProjects) such as NICA (experimental study of hadron matter (strongly interactive) in singular states in phase transition regions); DRIBs-III (development of the "plant for the production of superheavy elements" on the basis of the new accelerator DC-280); and BAIKAL (uses Lake Baikal in Siberia to study astrophysics, cosmology and particle physics).

The plenary session also discussed JINR's 2024-2030 plan; in which, besides basic research on nuclear physics, JINR aims to develop research on nuclear applications in life sciences, develop high-performance computing systems, international research center on nuclear technology co-develop facilities and human resources,  expand international cooperation. The Governor-General Council also heard the 2022 financial report and the 2023 budget expenditure plan.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Tuan Anh, Vice President of VAST, Dr. Le Quynh Lien, Director of International Cooperation Department, VAST attended the session

Attending the JINR Plenipotentiary Council Meeting in 2023, as a member country of the group of developing countries, Vietnam has made a number of contributions on how to calculate the annual contribution fee, the development of research in line with the development goals of each member country.

Besides, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Tuan Anh and the Vietnamese delegation also had a meeting with Prof. Academician Grigory Trubnikov, Director of JINR. At the meeting, the two sides preliminarily assessed the results achieved since the talks between the two sides at JINR in September 2022 as well as the cooperation implementation plan discussed during the working session at VAST in October 2022. Some previously mentioned contents such as increasing the number of Vietnamese staff to work at JINR in 2023, increasing support for Vietnamese cadres working at JINR have been implemented by the two sides in early 2023. The two sides continued to discuss project development, joint laboratory and construction of JINR Information Center in Hanoi and co-organize international conferences and seminars. The two sides also said that theoretical physics, information technology and life sciences are areas of great potential for cooperation development. In addition, VAST proposed JINR to create conditions for Vietnamese representatives to participate in the laboratory visit program (JEMS), and postgraduate program (PostDoc program). 

At the end of the meeting, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Tuan Anh and Prof. Acad. Grigory Trubnikov signed an agreement regarding the operation and terms of support for Vietnamese staff at the Institute, as well as the implementation of cooperation programs within the proposed powers of the Vietnamese Plenipotentiary Representative to the JINR.

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Translated by Phuong Ha
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