VHI-18B noxious industrial solid waste incinerator

Scientists from the Institute of Environment Technology under the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology successfully produced a VHI-18B noxious industrial solid waste incinerator. The exhaust fumes of the incinerator met Vietnamese standard TCVN 6560-1999.

The VHI-18B with output capacity of Q = 5 kg per hour is suitable for a health solid waste 50 to 100-patient-bed hospital. Its price is less than half of the imported one. In addition, there is also an incinerator with output capacity of Q = 10 kg per hour, suitable for a 300 to 500-patient-bed hospital. The VHI-18B incinerator with expanded capacity is suitable to treat toxious industrial solid waste in plants, factories and industrial zones, such as wastes from paint, printing-ink, rubber and leather.

The VHI-18B was designed according to the principle of multi-region burning with a system of primary and secondary burning rooms. This is also the principle widely applied in the world in the treatment of noxious solid waste. Waste is put into the primary room at a temperature from 500 to 800 degrees Celsius. Products not completely burned will continue to be burnt and disintegrated at a temperature from 1050 to 1200 degrees Celsius in the secondary room. Exhaust fumes will be quickly cooled under 200 degrees Celsius to avoid the danger of regenerating dioxin.

Especially, the VHI – 18 B incinerator system has an ejector pump to create pressure for the burning room to run stably during the burning process.

The research was conducted in 2002 and applied in reality in 2003. At present, the VHI – 18 B incinerator has been transferred and installed at 15 medical stations nationwide such as the Ninh Binh and Bac Kan provincial general hospitals; pulmonary tubercubsis hospitals in Thai Nguyen, Bac Ninh, Mai Son – Son La provinces; Central 71 hospital in Thanh Hoa province; medical stations in districts of Que Vo, Luong Tai and Gia Binh in Bac Ninh province, and districts of Sa Thay and Dac Ha in Kon Tum province; and the National Banknote Printing Plant.


VHI-18B solid waste incinerator installed in C hospital in Thai Nguyen province


VHI-18B solid waste incinerator of the Institute of Environment Technology under the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology was presented a golden cup at the Vietnam Environment Exhibition 2006.


Translated by Tuyet Nhung
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