VAST works with Belarusian Ambassador to Vietnam and the delegation of Belarusian scientists

On April 12, 2022, Professor and Academician Chau Van Minh, President of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) , had a meeting with Mr. Borovikov Vladimir Vladimirovich, the new Ambassador of Belarus to Vietnam, and a delegation of scientists from the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, the National University of Belarus and a number of other Belarusian research institutions, on the occasion of the delegation attending Expo Vietnam 2022.

Overview of the working session at the headquarters of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology

At the meeting, VAST President Chau Van Minh sincerely thanked the Republic of Belarus for support in training staff for the Academy in the previous period, highly appreciated the continuation of cooperation between the Academy and the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, as well as research units, universities of Belarus in the recent period. On the basis of the cooperation agreement on implementing joint research projects with the Belarusian Foundation for Basic Research in 2008, the Belarusian National Academy of Sciences in 2017, the two sides have carried out more than 100 joint research projects, with many results such as manufacturing mid-range drones, developing nanomaterials, searching for compounds with medicinal potential, etc., and published nearly 150 articles in prestigious international journals.

In particular, the calling and implementation of these joint projects has not been interrupted during the recent COVID-19 pandemic. VAST President Chau Van Minh also congratulated Mr. Borovikov Vladimir Vladimirovich on receiving the role of Ambassador to Vietnam, and hoped that he would continue to support and promote cooperation in science and technology, education and training between the two countries in general, and between the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology and Belarusian partners in particular.

Ambassador Borovikov Vladimir Vladimirovich affirmed that Belarus has always consistently expanded cooperation with Vietnam in all fields, including science and technology and education and training. The Agreement on cooperation in the field of science and technology signed by the two Governments in 1995 is the basis for the research units of the two sides to continue to cooperate closely and achieve many common successes. The Ambassador emphasized that priority areas of cooperation between the two sides such as biotechnology, nanotechnology or technology transfer activities have the close participation of the two national academies. The Ambassador positively evaluated the cooperation activities between the Institute of Tropical Engineering, the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology and the Belarusian partners, especially the establishment of the Belarus - Vietnam Cooperation Center related to the field of science and technology.

Chairman Chau Van Minh and New Ambassador Borovikov Vladimir Vladimirovich

At the meeting, leaders of a number of research units in the fields of physics, chemistry and materials, and two universities of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, were also active to discuss with partners from the research units, the Center for System Analysis and Strategic Research, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, National University of Belarus and Gomel State University, in order to strengthen ties, strongly implement previous cooperation results in various fields and propose new cooperation contents, especially in training and technology transfer.

With the Belarusian delegation being the first international partner to come to work at the Academy after Vietnam opened its doors after the COVID-19 pandemic, the two sides hope this is a positive signal to continue jointly implementing the cooperation in science and technology, as well as education and training, actively contributing to promoting the friendship and traditional relations between the two countries of Vietnam and Belarus.

Photo taken at the end of the working session

Translated by Phuong Huyen
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