VAST – the 96th member of Group on Earth Observation

In December 2014, after consideration and assessment, VAST with its clue of the Vietnam National Satellite Center, was admitted by the Group on Earth Observation (GEO) as its 96th member.

Founded in 2002, GEO is a voluntary association of governments and international organization to respond the call for action of the world summit on sustainable development and group of the countries with world leading industries G8. GEO established a framework so that partners can develop new projects and coordinate in investment as well as exchange strategies.

As of 2013, GEO members include 90 Government and European Commission. In addition, 77 intergovernmental organizations, international and regional organizations (commonly called organizations) participated in carrying out a mission to observe the earth or related issues. GEO is building a system of global earth observation (GEOSS) based on the ten-year implementation plan for 2005-2015. This plan determined vision, purpose, scope and expected benefits for GEOSS and nine social benefits, including disasters, health, energy, climate, water, weather, ecology, agriculture and biodiversity.


Joining GEO is an important event, opening opportunities for Vietnam in exchanging information, data as well as experiences in earth observation satellite with countries and member organizations. The integration as well as the participation in plans on earth observation of GEO in the global scale will make a great contribution to the purpose of using earth observation satellite of Vietnam in the near future, especially improving the effectiveness of using satellites. In addition, the fact that Vietnam officially became a GEO member will open international cooperation opportunities for projects related to earth observation satellites of Vietnam in the future.

Translated by Tuyet Nhung
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