VAST increases application of scientific research results

In realization of the guideline on applying the results of scientific research into production and business, over the past year, many scientific and technological projects conducted by units of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) have been applied in reality and promoted its efficiency. In particular, 3 scientific and technological projects in pharmaceutical chemistry and biological technology have been applied in life, contributing to boosting the development of Vietnamese businesses.


Contract signing ceremony at Techmart Hanoi 2016

The State-level scientific and technological work under the program on developing the pharmaceutical chemistry industry by 2020 “Research on technological process producing supportive materials from Vietnamese brown seaweed for cancer treatment” was conducted by the Nha Trang Institute of Technology Research and Application from 2011-2014. In August, 2016, the Institute transferred this technology to the Vietnam GoldHealth Pharma Joint Stock Company for successfully producing a medicine named GenK to protect health and support cancer treatment (in capsule, solution and tea). GenK is a product with optimally purified Fucoidan, small molecular weight, totally sulfated, which increases the absorption, active Fucoidan, has been proven to inherit and exceed the efficiency of Fucoidan.

In November, 2016, the Institute of Materials Sciences transferred technology manufacturing FGC nano complex in room and support cancer treatment to the CVI Cosmetics Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company. The manufacturing of FGC Nano Complex helps improve dissolve, optimize packaging, protect the drug from biological barriers, increase the time of FGC circulation in the circulatory system, and focus active elements through two targeting mechanisms. Using the results of the research, the CVI Cosmetics Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company produces Cumar Gold Kare. The FGC Nano complex in Cumar Gold Kare helps inhibit the development of cancer cells, particularly on the A549 lung cancer cells, Hep-3B liver cancer, HTB-43 throat cancer, making cancer cells be reduced over time with shape altered and degenerated.

In December, 2016, the Institute of Biological Institute signed cooperation on transferring technology to the DHG Pharma with Naturenz. Since 2005, DHG has received the Naturenz production technology from the Institute of Biological Technology, marking the collaboration between State - Scientists - Producers - Farmers. The product was studied based on the application of biotechnology in the extraction of enzymes from fruits and vegetables that help lower the enzyme level in the liver of those who contract fatty liver, hepatitis caused by the use of alcohol or viruses. Naturenz has been patented by the National Office of Intellectual Property and certified by the Ministry of Health as a clinical trial for the function of reducing liver enzymes for those who have high liver enzymes.

Translated by Tuyet Nhung
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