VAST and VASI sign science and technology cooperation agreement

On January 12th, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) and Vietnam Administration of Seas and Islands (VASI), under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, signed a science and technology cooperation agreement at the academy. The agreement aims to promote and effectively apply the resources of each side in carrying out tasks of science and technology cooperation; promote cooperation between VAST and VASI on basic investigation, sea environment and resource management, and sea science and technology development in order to serve state management in synthesizing and unifying seas and islands of VASI.

Prof. Chau Van Minh, member of the Party Central Committee, VAST Party secretary and VAST president; Prof. Duong Ngoc Hai, VAST vice president; Assoc. Prof. Ha Duy Ngo, VAST Party deputy secretary, and leaders of departments and institutes under VAST all attended the ceremony.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sci. Nguyen Van Cu, head of VASI; Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Sy Tuan, deputy head of VASI; Dr. Dang Huy Ram, head of Department for International Cooperation and Science – Technology and key cadres from VASI also participated in the ceremony.

At the ceremony, representatives from VAST and VASI signed the agreement with four contents as follow:
•    Defining priority directions, key science and technology missions in sea and island environment and natural resources; Making policies in high and key technology development to manage natural resources and protect the sea and island environment according to regulations of law.
•    The two sides cooperate on:
a)    Carrying out basic investigation projects on natural resources and sea environment;
b)    Surveying, exploring, researching sea science;
c)    Analyzing, accessing and forecasting events related to science research and international cooperation on seas;
d)    Researching and discovering rules about natural conditions, natural resources, biodiversity, sea biochemistry, and sea and island environment pollution control.
e)    Researching and applying science and technology advances in basic investigating, surveying and exploring seas, islands and oceans.
•    The two sides cooperate on exploiting and using sea and island data. VAST will provide consultancy and help VASI build sea and island data.
•    VAST provides experts and scientists for scientific research bases making strategies, plans, policies and legal documents for the management and unification in seas and islands; building standards and technical regulations, economic-technical norms in basic investigating, surveying, exploring and researching seas and oceans.
VAST will provide experts to support VASI in zoning and making general plans to use natural resources and protect the sea and island environment.

Prof. Chau Van Minh, VAST president and Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Van Cu, head of VASI, sign a science and technology cooperation agreement.

In the agreement, the two sides agreed to review the implementation every two years and discuss specific plans for the next two years. The Department of Application and Development of Technology under VAST and the Department for International Cooperation and Science – Technology under VASI will have standing offices to help the academy and the administration inspect and carry out the agreement.

Taking a photo after the ceremony

Translated by Tuyet Nhung
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