Training Class "Protection and search of patent information"

Within the framework of activities to celebrate the 49th anniversary of Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology and celebrate Science and Technology Day (May 18), on May 14, 2024, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology and the National Office of Intellectual Property jointly organized the annual event "Training Class on Protection and Search of Patent Information" with the participation of many scientists and managers from units under VAST; and teachers from a number of Institutes and Schools across the country.

Exploiting inventions and commercializing research results plays a key role in the development of research institutes, is the spearhead of development for businesses and is a solid foundation for sustainable economic growth of the country, especially in the context of the ongoing fourth industrial revolution. The effective exploitation of inventions has a positive impact on commercialization activities, bringing research results closer to life, thereby enhancing the competitive position of businesses and countries, based on foundation for scientific and technological development.

Dr. Nguyen Tran Dien, Deputy Head of Technology Application and Deployment Department, gives the opening speech at the training session

With international publication achievements maintained at a high level and continuing to be the leading unit in the country, VAST aims to improve the quality of international publications and promote intellectual property work throughout the country. In recent years, VAST has been the leader in patent registration and has become the holder of a series of valuable industrial property patents.

In 2023 alone, VAST had a strong growth in the number of patents (up 41% compared to 2022), with 76 patents for inventions and utility solutions. In particular, the Academy had three patented inventions abroad, bringing the total number of exclusive degrees of VAST to about 40% of the number of patents granted to research institutes and universities nationwide. 

The Patent Protection and Information Search Training Class of Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology in 2024 was a premise and motivation for researchers and inventors to develop their research and apply it effectively. 

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoang Hanh, Director of Center for Research, Training and Support and Consulting, National Office of Intellectual Property speaks at the Training Class

This was an annual training organized between VAST and the National Office of Intellectual Property. Each organization promotes profound effectiveness, brings practical values ​​and creates working relationships between applicants and examiners, helping to make VAST's appraisal of patent applications clear, easy to understand, and accessible, creating great advantages for application owners to complete the invention description in accordance with regulations. The Training Class was held in both face-to-face and online forms, welcoming not only delegates from VAST but also from many institutes, heads and businesses across the country who were interested and registered to attend.


Lecturers: Mr. Nguyen Khoa Nguyen - Deputy Head of Mechanical Department, Patent Appraisal Center, National Office of Intellectual Property (left), Mr. Bui Duy Nghia - National Office of Intellectual Property present content knowledge 1 at the Training Class

Continuing to promote the core role of basic research, encourage and strengthen the innovative and creative role of applied research, this Training Class focused on two main contents taking place in two days:

• Content 1 took place at VAST (May 14, 2024) with general knowledge about patent information search and protection; evaluated the novelty and creativity of the invention; and wrote a description.

• Content 2 took place at the National Office of Intellectual Property (May 15, 2024) with in-depth consultation on patent issues in the following five fields: chemistry - pharmacy, biology - agriculture, mechanics gas, electronics - telecommunications, construction. This content contributed to effectively resolving the unit's outstanding IP registration applications, for scientists who are pursuing applications or in the process of preparing to submit applications and want advice, guidance, and answers. additional problems during implementation.

Photos of participating in learning at the Training Class

Through training, units can improve the awareness and capacity of scientific staff, not only publishing articles but also writing and registering patents as part of research work, contributing to increasing intellectual property work at each unit.

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Translated by Phuong Huyen
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