The first studies of small mamals of the Cham Chu and Bac Me nature reserves, north-eastern Vietnam

Field surveys of mammals in two protected areas of the north-eastern limestone region of Vietnam, the Cham Chu (Tuyen Quang Province) and Bac Me (Ha Giang Province) Nature Reserves were conducted in 2018 and 2019. Thirty-five species of small mammals were recorded based both on field ob- servations and on morphological and/or molecular evidence, as follows: one Scandentia species, four Euli- potyphla species, 14 Chiroptera species, and 16 Rodentia species.

New records of Aselliscus dongbacanus and Chiromyscus thomasi in north-eastern Vietnam have been confirmed. Interestingly, the mole specimens collected during this study resemble Euroscaptor orlovi morphologically but significantly differ from it genetically. The present study has revealed that Chiroptera (38.9%) and Rodentia (47.2%) are the dominant groups in terms of their species diversity. Yet, the number of bat species is much lower as compared to that revealed by the previous study conducted in the same region (16 vs. 35). Although a couple of abundant species — Aselliscus dongbacanus (40 of 176 specimens) and Hipposideros cf. larvatus (37 of 176 speci- mens) — have been found during the present survey, other common species, such as Callosciurus inornatus and Rhizomys pruinosus, were very scarce, suggesting the occurrence of a severe anthropogenic pressure on small mammal fauna. More studies to assess a conservation status of and anthropogenic threats to small mammals are needed to protect them from serious population decline in the future.

Source: Tham N.T., Tu L.N., Duong V.T., Hai B.T., Abramov A.V., Kruskop S.V., Minh L.D., Son N.T. 2020. The first studies of small mammals of the Cham Chu and Bac Me Nature Reserves, north-east- ern Vietnam // Russian J. Theriol. Vol.19. No.2. P.193–209. doi: 10.15298/rusjtheriol.19.2.10.

News: Bui Tuan Hai, The Vietnam National Museum of Nature, VAST
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