The exhibition of products, achievements in science and technology, research and application activities of the Center for Informatics and Computing

Join the stream of events to celebrate Vietnam Science and Technology Day and 45th and 45th Anniversary of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology 20/5/1975 – 20/5/2020, Center for Informatics and Computing organized the Exhibition introducing science and technology products, achievements, performing research and application activities with the theme: “Science, technology and future innovation and creation”.

The predecessor of the Center for Informatics and Computing was the Center for Informatics, established in 2009 and upgraded to the Center for Informatics and Computing under Decision No. 102/QD-VHL on 19/2/2013 of President of VAST. Despite being a fledgling unit, after more than 10 years of operation, the Center’s staffs have made every effort to continue promoting their achievements and successfully completed the assigned tasks: well operating the official channel of VAST to propagate and promote activities and scientific and technological achievements throughout VAST; continue to maintain the VAST Campus fiber optic network, manage and operate the information technology system for the Public Administration of the Academy, and continuously research to enhance the security of information technology systems; as a standing unit of the E-Government Steering Committee, the Center has done well in advising and assisting the Steering Committee to issue and promulgate documents on E-Government to its subordinate units. In addition to carrying out the assigned tasks, the Center also strongly develops the direction of researching and deploying the application of Information and Communications Technology in the areas in need for socio-economic development of the country.







Posters at the exhibition

This time, the exhibition is organized to give researches, manage an overview of the results achieved by the Center in the past and suggest direction of cooperation in scientific research and IT application in future. The exhibition took place from 20/05/2020 to 31/05/2020, including these following contents: (1) Display of scientific and technological application products; (2) Poster showing the results of the science and technology tasks and topic; (3) Visiting VAST’s high-performance computing server room on the 1st floor, block A7; (4) Learning about the systems through submission screen projection: the system of non-information surveillance, guidance, rescue; High-performance computing system; IT infrastructure management, security supervision; Some results of other scientific research topics.

The application results of the Center received a lot of attention from delegations attending the exhibition. Especially, the presentation on the scientific topic “Research on approaching technology using hot air balloon in the stratosphere to integrate information transceiver station to monitor, guide, search and rescue and measure physical parameters environment physics of the atmosphere” was considered to be quite comprehensive, clear and highly feasible.

A seminar on scientific research held at the Center on 20/05/2020

Learning about the systems that have been managing by the Center through the projection screen

Translated by Phuong Ha
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