Studying and producing exact measuring devices

Over the past twenty years, the Applied Electronics Department under the Ho Chi Minh City Institute of Physics has been the unit that studies and manufactures exact measuring devices and automatic equipment in Vietnam. The objective of the Department of Applied Electronics is to develop exact measuring devices which are simple to use, have good quality and reasonable price, and are applicable in different fields such as industry, food processing (fish sauce, soy sauce, wine and beer), agriculture (aquiculture cultivation), environment, irrigation works, products for life (ceramic kilns, ice production), hydro-meteorological forecasting, study and training.

Measuring devices are designed with selected components and sensors meeting modern, global quality standards. Tested at Quatest 3 the Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality, devices made by the Applied Electronics Department met EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) according to EU standards. This shows that their measurements are exact and enduring.

Exact measuring devices can be divided into three major groups:

Water measuring devices are solution conductive measuring devices, dissolvent mineral general measuring devices, salt content measuring devices, pH measuring devices, devices to measure oxygen dissolvent in water.


Salt content measuring devices SM-802, PH-506 and DO-802


Temperature measuring devices are designed with sensors with transistorized materials, thermocouples such as DTM-92K, KTM-607, KTM-905, temperature controlling and measuring devices TC-150 and TC-500, and temperature measuring and memorizing software 8C-TMR-601.


Temperature measuring devices KTM-607


Air relative humidity measuring devices are designed with a digital sensor such as beton ABG-01 and wood humidity demonstration devices, HTM-1004, HTM-807, HTM-310 air temperature and relative humidity measuring devices, and HC-904 air humidity controlling and measuring device.


HTM-807 temperature and humidity measuring device


Being used in agencies such as centres for hydro – meteorology forecasting, centres for the development of irrigation works, agencies under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Hanoi Institute for Hydro Power and Renewable Energy, Nam Cat Tien National Park, measuring devices made by the Applied Electronics Department show their advantages in comparison with imported devices, with lower price and faster repair in case of damage. Especially, devices can be designed according to individual customer demand.

In the near future, the Applied Electronics Department will continue studies on developing technology according to the trend of electronic equipment and controlling, measuring software for application in the fields of agriculture, environment, and hydro – meteorology forecasting for sustainable social development.




Translated by Tuyet Nhung


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