Spread the spirit of research and sustainable development

On August 24, 2023, UNESCO International Center for Training and Research in Mathematics (ICRTM), Institute of Mathematics, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, coordinated with VINIF Innovation Fund to organize an event "Mass Lectures on Sustainable Development" aiming to spread UNESCO's spirit of research and sustainable development, promoting exchange and cooperation with a large number of young researchers in the fields of science, technology, culture and history.

Overview of the event. Photo: Nam Phuong-Minh Duc

Attending the event were Dr. Nguyen Quan - Former Minister of Science and Technology; Dr. Nguyen Thi Thanh Ha - Deputy Director of the Department of Social Sciences, Humanities and Natural Sciences (Ministry of Science and Technology); Associate Professor, PhD. Phan Thi Ha Duong - Head of Event Organizing Committee; Associate Professor, PhD. Doan Dinh Phuong - Director of the Institute of Materials Science; Associate Professor, PhD. Doan Trung Cuong - Deputy Director of the Institute of Mathematics; Ms. Nguyen Thi Van Nga - Director of the Center for Information and Documentation (Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology); and many young scientists and researchers from Research institutes and universities.

The first lecture "Opportunities in Nanobiomagnetism and Healthcare Monitoring", Prof.Dr. Phan Manh Huong - Director of Sensors and Advanced Materials Laboratory, Department of Physics, University of South Florida (USA) presented and Prof.Dr. Dinh Nho Hao (Institute of Mathematics) chaired. In this lecture, Prof.Dr. Phan Manh Huong shares current opportunities and challenges in the field of interdisciplinary nanomaterials research, and proposes new strategies to overcome those challenges. His lecture focused on new developments on the basis of non-contact, non-invasive magnetic sensors in diagnosing, monitoring, and treating COVID-19 and other respiratory diseases through magnetic exploitation from school, machine learning. This technology, which can be applied in local or remote healthcare facilities and systems, has the potential to upgrade overall healthcare systems and advance effective public health measurement efforts. Prof. Dr. Phan Manh Huong also presented the latest research on magnetic nanomaterials and its application prospects in cancer treatment.

Prof.Dr. Phan Manh Huong presents the Lecture "Opportunities in Nanobiomagnetism and Healthcare Monitoring". Photo: Nam Phuong - Minh Duc

Prof. Dr. Phan Manh Huong is an expert in developing thermomagnetic and antimagnetic materials for smart sensor and thermomagnetic cooling technologies. Professor also shared that recently his research group discovered the room-temperature ferromagnetic effect that regulates light in atomically thin-layer Van der Waals materials, which has the potential to change fields such as Spintronics, Opto-spin-caloritronics, Valleytronics and quantum computation.

Mr. Nguyen Canh Binh presented the lecture "The formation, movement and development space of Vietnamese academia in the intersection with the world". Photo: Nam Phuong - Minh Duc

The next public lecture in the event is "Formation, movement and development space of Vietnamese academia in interaction with the world" , Associate Professor, Dr. Phan Thi Ha Duong chaired, the speaker was Mr. Nguyen Canh Binh - Chairman of the Board of Directors, founder of Alpha Books Joint Stock Company (Alpha Books) and Omega Vietnam, Director of Vietnam Intellectual Cooperation Center (VICC), founder of the ABG Young Leaders Program. Mr. Nguyen Canh Binh's lecture summarizes the civilization process of a country, emphasizing the birth of writing, creating the foundation for the next steps of that country's civilization. The formation, movement and development space of Vietnamese academia today needs to continue and aim for sustainable development.


Exchange and discussion at the event. Photo: Nam Phuong - Minh Duc

At the event, the speakers received many questions and exchanges from the attending delegates. Discussion after the lecture by Prof.Dr. Phan Manh Huong, Associate Professor, PhD. Doan Dinh Phuong commented that the public lecture of Prof.Dr. Phan Manh Huong has opened new knowledge about research on magnetic materials and biomedical nanomaterials. Prof.Dr. Dang Diem Hong (Institute of Biotechnology) said that the most promising application direction of magnetic sensor materials is early and quick detection of cancer cells for patients with small tumors, in specific locations so that doctors can intervene promptly. Prof. PhD. Dinh Nho Hao also discussed with the speaker of the lecture "Opportunities for biomagnetic nanomaterials and health monitoring" about the mathematical models used in this research direction, which can open up applications. The reality is different when interdisciplinary scientists collaborate on research.

Public lecture "Opportunity for biomagnetic nanomaterials and health monitoring" by Prof. Dr. Phan Manh Huong and Mr. Nguyen Canh Binh's public lecture "Formation, movement and development space of Vietnamese academia in interaction with the world" have spread scientific and technological knowledge, as well as such as culture, history, education,to the community to align with sustainable development goals.

Souvenir photograph. Photo: Nam Phuong - Minh Duc.


Translated by Quoc Khanh
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