Space day festival at the National Satellite Center

The National Satellite Center organized Space Space 2018 Science and Technology Festival with the theme "Space Day - at hand", aimed at eliciting and encouraging the passion of scientific research. , technology for students. Space Day is also an opportunity to introduce and orient careers for high school students for industry groups related to space science and technology.


paceday181The program was organized annually by the Vietnam Space Center since 2014, derived from the idea of "Opening labs" of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology. After 4 years of organization, the program has increasingly attracted the attention of many students at the middle and high schools in Hanoi city. This year, the program attracted nearly 200 students from Nguyen Truong To High School, Nghia Tan High School.

At the festival, in the dissemination of knowledge, the students were introduced some basic knowledge of the universe (such as constellations, galaxies, planets), introducing knowledge about public applications. technology, space exploration technology (satellites, missiles, robots, etc.). In particular, the quiz with the topic "Where are we?" And a series of interesting questions attracted hundreds of students to answer.

After the theory part is the practice part, under the guidance of the young engineers of the Space Center, the students are allowed to participate in the practice of: Wind power robots; DIY 3D prism; Gravity experiment; Game: Explore space.v ..

With practical activities combining theory and practice, "Space Day 2018 Festival - Space at hand" has really brought them the useful knowledge and experience.

Tranlated by Minh Tam

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