Signing ceremony of transfer of technological process of production of biofilm-forming microbial preparations applied in oil contaminated soil treatment;

Determining that promoting commercialization of research results is a lever to improve the efficiency of scientific research and competitiveness of enterprises, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) always encourages and supports units and scientists to conducts research and technology transfer. Many promising scientific research topics, capable of practical application and especially with intellectual property (IP) protection have been well received by interested enterprises, one of which is the Patent of useful solutions 2558, granted under Decision 89w/QD-SHTT dated 05/01/2021 of the National Office of Intellectual Property - Ministry of Science and Technology, with the name "Process for manufacturing biofilm-forming microbial preparations on biochar carriers for the treatment of soil contaminated with aromatic hydrocarbons and microbiological preparations obtained by this process".

On July 19, 2023, there was a Signing Ceremony for the transfer of Utility Solution Patent No.2558 on "Process for manufacturing biofilm-forming microbial preparations on biochar carriers for soil treatment of aromatic hydrocarbon contamination and microbiological preparations obtained by this process" between Institute of Biotechnology (under VAST) with Red Sun Biotechnology Joint Stock Company (a member of An Viet Group).

Representatives of leaders of the two parties participate in the signing

The two sides agreed that the Institute of Biotechnology will transfer industrial property rights of Useful Solution No. 2558 to Red Sun Biotechnology Joint Stock Company (Red Sun Biotechnology JSC), the enterprise receiving this technology transfer will continue to invest in manufacturing products and practical applications to help treat petroleum pollution by means Safe and effective biology brings a healthy environment to petroleum-polluted regions and areas. 

Appreciating the results of the research team and the collective of the Institute of Biotechnology, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phan Tien Dung – Director of Department of Application and Development of Technology (Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology), affirmed: "GPHI patent 2558 originated from the Technology Development Mission of Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology "Completing preparations for treating oil pollution with biofilm bacteria to create biofilms on biochar derived from rice husk",  implemented in 2021-2023. It can be said that this is a very methodical process: Scientists come from research - registration of IP protection (turning knowledge into property) - Technology transfer - Enterprises invest in production and replication of products. These are also the basic steps that advanced countries are using. Therefore, attracting investment of enterprises is inevitable, when studying all the factors of applicability in practice as well as ownership recognized by law."  

Concurring with this view, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phi Quyet Tien, Vice Director of the Institute of Biotechnology added: "Pursuant to the Memorandum of Understanding 20/2023/REDSUN-IBT signed on April 20, 2023 on the transfer of industrial property rights of the above-mentioned useful solution, the Institute of Biotechnology and Red Sun Biotechnology JSC have signed Contract 505/2023/HDTV/VĐG dated May 05, 2023 with the Institute of Science Evaluation and Technology Valuation,  Ministry of Science and Technology to determine the value of assets as a result of research of science and technology tasks. The cooperation between the two units on the transfer of Industrial Property Rights Useful solutions will contribute to promoting the development of gasoline and oil treatment preparations to the market, affirming the commercial ability of applied research results and effectively solving environmental pollution problems in Vietnam. This cooperation will further promote the scientific research movement at the unit, motivating scientists to be more enthusiastic and excited to achieve new marks in their research and development careers."

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Mr. Dao Ngoc Nam, Chairman of An Viet Group and representative of Red Sun Biotechnology JSC, said: "We have explored this technology and conducted tests of the research team's products, the results are safe and effective very well in the treatment of regions, places contaminated with gasoline and oil that previously used other measures were complicated and expensive. The transfer is carried out in accordance with the process, in compliance with the provisions of law to ensure the interests of related parties.". 

Overview of the signing ceremony 

In order to achieve this landmark signing ceremony, from one year ago the Institute of Biotechnology and Red Sun Biotechnology JSC have discussed and discussed the transfer of technology to implement the treatment of soil and water contaminated with oil described in Patent Utility Solution 2558. Red Sun Biotechnology JSC commits to create maximum conditions, coordinate in organizing activities to receive research results to be able to master technology, proceeding to apply industrial-scale production. The Institute of Biotechnology supports staff and technical experts to guide the technology recipient to perform technical stages, as well as work related to the implementation of useful solutions after the company works and agrees with the team of authors and technical experts. 

This is a meaningful and encouraging event to help promote cooperation between scientific research units and enterprises, affirming that scientific research results in accordance with practical needs after transferring to enterprises will continue to be invested to put into practical application to bring benefits to the Parties and society, motivate scientists to continue research.

Accompanying businesses in the modern context, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology encourages and creates maximum conditions in creating a better environment for scientists, in which they can use intellectual property rights to ensure their research results in the best way, at the same time, improving the value of scientists' labor creates a premise to promote innovation and creativity, supporting economic development.

Taking souvenir photo at the end of the signing ceremony 


Translated by Phuong Ha
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