Seminar on promoting the development of computing science in VAST’s institutes

Scientific computing is a part of computing science to build mathematical models, quantitative analysis and computer usage to solve complication problems in different scientific sectors. Scientific computing has become an integral and useful tool in every field of modern science and technology research. However, the building scientific computing to meet the demand of domestic sciences and units under the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) is still an open issue, which has not been developed as demand at present and for the future.

VAST, a leading scientific and technological agency of the country, plays a leading role in the national scientific and technological system, and conducts basic research on natural sciences and comprehensive and high-standard technological development. VAST has more than 40 units. Almost of them are institutes and units that carry out technology activities in all modern science and technology fields. Therefore, the demand for scientific computing in the academy is very huge. So, it is necessary to find effective solutions to promote the infrastructure of scientific computing and human resources that work in this field, and accompanied equipment and tools.

On April 18th 2012, VAST held a seminar on promoting the development of scientific computing in speciality institutes in VAST, which was presided over by Prof. Sc.Dr. Nguyen Dinh Cong, VAST vice president. Participants at the seminar discussed the demand of computing in reality in units; situation and the possibility to meet present demand of computing; ways of organization, management and investment to bring the highest effectiveness in building infrastructure to meet the demand of scientific computing development in the whole VAST, including facilities, equipments, hard and soft wares, and human resources. Experiences in building and operating High Performance Computing Center (under the Institute of Mathematics in the past, and the Center for Information Infrastructure Department under VAST at present)… were exchanges.

Numerical values for hydro-meteorological forcasting (HRM) domestic and international centers for hydro-meteorological forcasting has been successfully developed and transferred here. This place also witness cooperation in resources of internet computing for scientific computing from the Institute of Mechanics to calculate and forecast flood in central Vietnam, the Center for Computing Physics under the Institute of Physics.

Based on this, leaders, managers and scientists would have a more comprehensive and detailed about diversified computing demand in VAST, from big computing exercises such as analyzing and decoding human protein and gene at the Institute of Biology, to smaller scale computing exercises such as selecting, finding and classifying biological materials of the Institute of Natural Products Chemistry; computing software and flow happening description of the Institute of Geography; forecast of earthquake and tsunami of the Institute of Geophysics.

Leaders, managers and scientists saw an overview picture of the demand for high effective computing which is interdisciplinary and related to many fields such as energy science, geology, biotechnology, physics, mathematics and materials science, and demands to solve computing problems in different scale in VAST. Based on this, plans and detailed projects will be proposed to promote computing science to develop in institutes in particular and VAST in general.

Prof. Nguyen Dinh Cong, VAST vice president, made a speech at the seminar

To promote the development of computing science at the academy, Prof. Nguyen DInh Cong assigned tasks to a group of experts and researchers from six units to investigate the demand and practical possibilities in units. The group included Pham Hong Quang from the Center for Information Infrastructure Department, Luong Chi Mai from the Institute of Information Technology, Trinh Xuan Hoang from the Institute of Physics, Vu Dinh Lam from the Institute of Materials Science, Nong Van Hai from the Institute of Biotechnology, and Nguyen Trung Minh from the Department of Planning and Finance.

Several photos about scientists at the seminar:

Assoc.Prof. Dr. Luong Chi Mai, vice director of the Institute of Information Technology, made a speech at the seminar

Dr. Pham Hong Quang, director of the Center of Information Infrastructure Department,made a speech at the seminar

Dr. Vu Thi Thu Lan, vice director of the Institute of Geography, made a speech at the seminar

Translated by Tuyet Nhung

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