Sci-tech cooperation agreement signed between Institute of Energy and Environment Science Technology (ISTEE) and New Technology Application and Tourism Company Limited (NEWTATCO)

On April 25, 2024, at Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST), the signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement on science and technology between the Institute of Science and Technology of Energy and Environment (ISTEE) and New Technology Application and Tourism Company Limited (NEWTATCO) took place.

Attending the signing ceremony were Dr. Pham Tuan Huy – Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Party Committee of VAST, Prof. Dr. Chu Hoang Ha, Vice President of VAST; ISTEE Leadership; NEWTATCO Board of Directors and Leaders of several units under VAST.

Over the years, the Party and State have always paid attention to science and technology activities with the view that science and technology are really the key driving force for socio-economic development. The commercialization of scientific research and technological development (R&D) results is becoming an urgent issue, receiving the common attention of management agencies, research institutions and the business community.

ISTEE was established on the basis of merging the Institute of Energy Science and the Institute of Environmental Technology, with the orientation of building and developing the nation's leading research center in scientific research and technological development in the field of energy and environment to be on par with advanced countries in the region and in the world. NEWTATCO, with more than 30 years of experience in construction and development, has successfully implemented many projects in the field of science and technology. In addition, with the advantage of enterprises with functions and experience in the field of communication, television, telecommunications, trade, import and export with representative offices abroad, NEWTATCO is committed to supporting ISTEE well to connect and transfer research results and products to localities, domestic organizations and enterprises and some foreign markets. 

With the objective of strengthening and expanding cooperation in science and technology in order to promote research, application and technology transfer activities, quickly put research results into practice, serving socio-economic development; At the same time, it aims to strengthen and promote international cooperation in the field of energy and environment. The two sides agreed to reach the contents of the Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement on Science and Technology for the period of 2024-2029.

ISTEE and NEWTATCO signed the cooperation agreement in the presence of participants

The focus of the cooperation agreement is activities to promote research, application and transfer of ISTEE research results into practice, while strengthening and promoting international cooperation in the field of energy science and technology and environment. The two sides agreed to closely coordinate from the stage of research, testing, perfecting technology to application, commercialization, product promotion and putting research results and products into practice. The two sides also agreed to strengthen close coordination mechanisms towards joint implementation, forming consortiums in appropriate science and technology topics, projects or tasks, sharing access to and use of scientific and technological research equipment and human resources to improve the effectiveness of cooperation. Regarding international cooperation, NEWTATCO agreed to take advantage of overseas representative offices in coordination with foreign partners to support ISTEE to promote international cooperation in the field of science, technology, energy and environment.

At the end of the signing ceremony, the two sides expressed their joy and belief that the cooperation agreement will open up new opportunities for the development of the two sides and agreed to immediately implement the signed contents.

Some photos at the signing ceremony:

Prof. Dr. Chu Hoang Ha - Vice President of VAST speaks at the signing ceremony

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Do Van Manh - Party Secretary, Director of ISTEE speaks at the signing ceremony

Mr. Tran Viet Hanh - Party Secretary and Chairman of NEWTATCO Members' Council speaks at the signing ceremony



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Translated by Phuong Ha
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