Satellite project BOM work with Lockheed Martin Space Systems

On June 23rd 2014, at the invitation of the Small Satellite Project Management Board under the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST), a delegation from Lockheed Martin Space Systems, an US company, led by Edmond Jew, Asia Zone senior director, paid a working visit to the small satellite project management board.

The small satellite project management board worked with representatives from Lockheed Martin Space Systems company

The management board introduced results of Vietnam’s first remote sensing satellite system, VNREDSat-1, after it’s first full year of operation and reported on the ability to exchange satellite images, signals and data with foreign partners.

Mr. Edmond Jew introduced modern satellite systems currently being developed and transferred by the company. Beside communication satellite systems, Vietnam’s satellites now include VINASAT-1 and VINASAT-2, with the company now also possessessing advanced technologies for designing and building space discovery satellites and remote sensing satellites such as Mars Odyssey, Lunar Prospector, Corona, Landsat, Hubble telescope, IKONOS, GeoEye-2,…

Mr. Edmond Jew said that remote sensing satellite systems of the company have the ability to capture images at extremely long distance, with many terabits of memory capacity and data transmission speeds of several hundred Mbps. The systems often use image receiving stations located near the North Pole, such as the Kiruna station in Sweden, to strengthen the capacity of receiving and distributing image data.

The two sides mentioned the possibility of cooperation and transfer of remote sensing satellite systems with ultra-high resolution of 0.5 meter size; committed to continue exchanging and promoting the possibility of cooperation in technology transfer and training such as on creating the small satellites in Vietnam and the opportunity of free launch capability through Lookheed Martin.

Representatives of Lockheed Martin Space Systems visited the Small Satellite Exploitation and Control Center

Translated by Tuyet Nhung
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