Sample set of biological resources in South Central region - Southern Vietnam

Component project "Building a sample collection of biological resources in the South Central region - Southern Vietnam", code BSTMV.20/2016-2021, tested by the National Council of Science and Technology, collected and evaluated with scientific and practical significance, to be passed on November 19, 2021.

The component project led by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao, and chaired by the Institute of Tropical Biology, with the following objectives: Obtaining a sample set of about 20% of the total species of high-value biological resources, typical in the South Central and Southern regions, serving display and research, fully meeting the standards of the Vietnam Museum of Nature; and improving the research capacity of the unit and the community's understanding of nature.

Over the period of implementation from 2016-2020, the project collected 2,074 specimens with 426 exhibits and 1,648 research specimens in the South Central region - Southern Vietnam of groups including: plant resources group with 300 display samples and 1,200 research specimens of 100 species; the amphibian - reptile resource group with 35 exhibits and 140 research specimens of 35 species; the fish resource group with 91 exhibits and 308 research specimens of 36 species. All specimens are collected, processed and digitized according to the standards of the Vietnam National Museum of Nature.

Illustration of a sample of biological resource groups

In addition to the samples collected according to the approved outline and fee, the project also actively collects valuable specimens for research. Notably, the project discovered and announced a new plant species for science (Khanh Hoa Lobster – Tacca khanhhoaensis V.S.Dang & Vuong), the work was published in the specialized journal Phytokeys - https: // This is the superior product of the component project.

New species Khanh Hoa Lobster – Tacca khanhhoaensis V.S.Dang & Vuong

Translated by Phuong Huyen
Link to Vietnamese version

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