Responding to World No Tobacco Day 31/5 and National Tobacco Free Week 25-31 May 2014

To minimize the harmful effects of tobacco use on health, economy, society and the environment, on June 18, 2012, the National Assembly passed the Law on Prevention and Control of Tobacco Harms (Drug PCTH Law). leaves). Tobacco PCTH Law takes effect from May 1, 2013, provides measures to reduce the need to use, measures to control tobacco supply and conditions to prevent harm of tobacco. In particular, increasing tobacco taxes is an effective measure of tobacco harm prevention as stipulated in Article 4 of the Tobacco PCTH Law.

The World No Tobacco Day 31/5 this year, the World Health Organization selects the theme "TOBACCO INCREASE", aiming to call countries to implement tax and price policies on tobacco products as a Effective measures to reduce tobacco consumption, reduce morbidity and mortality from tobacco use.

In order to continue strengthening the implementation of the Law on tobacco harm prevention and response to the World No Tobacco Day (May 31) and the National No Tobacco Week (May 25-31), the Ministry of Health deals with Proposals for coordinating agencies to organize activities such as dissemination and implementation of regulations on smoking ban in areas where tobacco law is prohibited by law. Hanging banners, slogans to respond to World No Tobacco Day and National No Tobacco Week at the entrance of agencies and units to respond to the theme "Increasing tobacco tax".

Information on Tobacco PCTH Law, World No Tobacco Day topic and communication materials posted on the tobacco control program"s website:

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 Tranlated by Mai Lan

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