Product that helps increase memory - LOHHA Tri Nao NEW – successfully developed

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Minh Ha and his colleagues from the Institute of Natural Products Chemistry of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology have successfully built a technological process for extracting the medicinal herbs ocimum tenuiflorum and bitter portulacaceae rich in active ingredients; with successful pilot preparation and production as a health protection food in the form of LOHHA Tri Nao NEW hard capsules to support memory enhancement in a pilot production project. The research to find the optimal ratio of combining B. monnieri extract (rich in active ingredient ursolic acid) and O. sanctum extract (rich in active ingredients bacosides) is a new point in science and technology, helping the product to be more effective in supporting the treatment of memory loss.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Minh Ha checks the production process of LOHHA Tri Nao NEW product

Precious medicinal herbs for treating memory loss

Memory loss is a phenomenon in which brain function declines or the process of transporting information to the cerebral cortex is disturbed. Modern medicine still does not have a cure for memory loss and only two groups of drugs are used to treat symptoms including N-methyl d-aspartate antagonists and cholinesterase inhibitors. However, synthetic drugs often have many side effects, especially when used for a long time. Therefore, natural memory enhancing products are considered a safe alternative to treat memory loss due to the limited side effects. Therefore, the need to use drugs and functional foods to prevent and treat memory loss is huge.

Currently, in Vietnam, products and functional foods that help improve memory are mainly imported from abroad and have high prices. Some products are made from imported ingredients such as Ginkgo biloba extract or from scarce ingredients with natural reserves that are depleting and difficult to develop in growing areas, such as Lycopodiella cernua or Lycopodiaceae.

Vietnam has a rich source of medicinal herbs: B. monnieri and O. sanctum. These are two very popular species, easy to grow, have a short growing period of only 3-6 months and have been proven by many studies around the world to have the effect of improving and enhancing memory. Currently, there have not been many studies to develop technological processes for extracting medicinal herbs such as B. monnieri and O. sanctum that are rich in active ingredients, or for trial production of these two medicinal herbs on a large scale as well as development to produce products that help improve memory.

Product development

With the goal of developing products to support memory enhancement at an appropriate cost, effectively using domestic natural medicinal resources, the research team of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Minh Ha has carried out a pilot production project: "Completing extraction technology and trial production of health protection products to support memory enhancement from Bacopa monnieri and Ocimum sanctum Vietnam” (code: UDSXTN.01/22-23). The project has been rated excellent by the Academy's Acceptance Council.

In this pilot production project, the research team successfully built a process to extract Ocimum sanctum rich in ursolic acid active ingredients and Bacopa monnieri extract rich in bacosides active ingredients on a pilot production scale of 100kg of raw materials per batch. After that, the team conducted mixing research and evaluated the inhibitory effect of Acetylcholinesterase (AChE) enzyme and found the optimal mixing ratio of 2 extracts with the best Acetylcholinesterase enzyme inhibitory activity. On that basis, the research team has successfully prepared the LOHHA Tri Nao NEW product with the main ingredients being Ocimum sanctum extract and Bacopa monnieri extract rich in active ingredients to replace the ingredients of some medicinal extracts that have to be imported and high prices such as Lycopodiaceae, Salvia officinalis extract and Indian Ginseng extract...

LOHHA Tri Nao NEW was evaluated for safety and memory-enhancing effects on in vitro and in vivo models to demonstrate the product's effectiveness. The results showed that the product is safe, does not cause acute toxicity with a test dose of 10,000 mg/kgP (equivalent to 20 tablets of the product), does not cause semi-permanent toxicity with a test dose of 150mg/kgP/day (equivalent to 3 product tablets) and 450mg/kgP/day (equivalent to 9 product tablets). The product has shown the effect of supporting memory enhancement with 2 experimental models on mice: open field exercise model and y maze exercise, while simultaneously inhibiting the activity of Acetylcholinesterase AChE enzyme. Scientists have successfully built base standards for two extracts (Ocimum sanctum and Bacopa monnieri) and base standards for products.

LOHHA Tri Nao NEW product

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Minh Ha said that implementing the project has promoted and modernized the use of Vietnam's available precious medicinal herbs. Thanks to the main ingredients of the product being popular, easy-to-grow medicinal herbs, it helps people develop growing areas, create output for medicinal areas, increase the effective value of medicinal plants and increase the product’s commercial competitiveness. LOHHA Tri Nao NEW, helping to improve health and quality of life, is a product that the majority of people with low or middle income can access.


Translated by Phuong Huyen
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