Pareto optimization with a monotonous objective function increases and applies in production optimization

Many problems arise in practice that are modeled as a non-convex optimal problem. Many algorithms have been proposed to solve the problems posed in the general case as well as in some specific cases. However, among them, except for heuristic algorithms, most algorithms only solve small or medium problems. Due to the application needs, the research to build effective deterministic algorithms to solve large and non-large-size (large scale) optimization problems is always a topical issue and attracts the interest of many scientists.

In this topic, we focus on researching and designing new algorithms for optimal problems that do not have some direction in the mathematical planning, including: Discrete planning, Design and control system , Vector optimization and some related issues. Along with theoretical research, the construction of mathematical models for some real problems arises in the fields of communication, health, environment ... and apply the proposed new algorithms to solve them as well. is a central issue of research interest.


Research, propose, install and implement fuzzy sample algorithms to build flexible search features, approximate semantic titles in information systems.


(1) Survey actual needs and theoretical approaches.
(2) Develop two fuzzy search algorithms, approximate semantic titles, accompanied by installation and usage documentation.
(3) Develop applications for flexible search algorithms proposed in the Window environment (find files, directories - name or content inside, on encrypted text without decoding), above SQL database.
4) About training: Part of the results of the thesis is in the research content of two mathematical doctoral theses. The topic has greatly supported the successful protection of these two thesis. As a graduate thesis, a number of university graduation projects in the direction of the topic and the participants actively participate in the research content.
5) About scientific activities: Completion of two scientific articles, one published article and one completed, submitted article; Two scientific reports are within the investment framework of the topic.
The main theoretical results of the topic include three algorithms, presented
in two articles:

(1) Improving the algorithm of shaking backpacks to find the longest common sequence length (LCS)
of two strings;
(2) The search algorithm approximates the deviation according to the fuzzy approach;
(3) Algorithms find patterns (approximate, correct) on encoded text.

Tranlated by Minh Tam

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