One more new species of geckos from Vietnam

The description of a new species of geckos from northern Vietnam was published in Zootaxa (No. 2329, 2010) by the scientists from the Zoological Museum Dresden, Cologne Zoo (Germany); Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources, and Vietnam National Museum of Nature (Vietnam).

Gekko canhi. Photo: Nguyen Quang Truong


The type specimens were collected from Huu Lien Nature Reserve (Lang Son Province) and from Sa Pa (Lao Cai Province). The new species, Gekko canhi Roesler, Nguyen, Doan, Ho, Nguyen & Ziegler, 2010, was given after the name of Assoc. Prof. Le Xuan Canh (Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources, Hanoi), in recognition of his support and contribution towards biodiversity research in Vietnam.


Beside the Catba leopard gecko Goniurosaurus catbaensis from Cat Ba Island (Hai Phong) and Huulien leopard gecko Goniurosaurus huulienensis from Huu Lien (Lang Son), both were described in 2008, this is the third new species of geckos from northern Vietnam in the past of two years.

Gekko canhi is characterized by a combination of the following morphological features: body size moderate (snout-vent length 85–99 mm); 12–14 supralabials, 10–13 infralabials; 47–50 interorbital scales; 10–13 dorsal tubercle rows; 164–170 midbody scales; 13–16 subdigital lamellae under the first toe, 14–17 lamellae under the fourth toe; tibial tubercles present; 5 precloacal pores; caudal tubercles present; subcaudals enlarged.


The new species is similar to Gekko japonicus, however, it differs from the latter species by having a lager size, higher number of interorbital scales, more scales around the middle of the body, more ventral scales, more lamellae below the first toe, but fewer precloacal pores. This is also eighth species of geckos known from Vietnam.


Source: MSc. Nguyen Quang Truong
Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources
Editor: Minh Tam

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