NEWTATCO 30th Anniversary Celebration and Receiving Certificate of Merit from the Prime Minister

On the morning of October 5, 2021, at Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST), NEWTATCO company celebrated its 30th anniversary and received the Certificate of Merit from the Prime Minister. Attending the ceremony were Assoc.Prof.Dr. Tran Tuan Anh - Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Vice President of Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology; Mr. Duong Chi Tinh - Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman of Newtatco Board of Members; leaders and representatives of agencies under VAST; leaders, former leaders and some officers of NEWTATCO.

The ceremony is an opportunity for generations of officers and employees of NEWTATCO to look back at important historical milestones in the company's construction and development process. At the ceremony, Mr. Duong Chi Tinh, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board of Members, reviewed the 30-year journey of the Company.

Mr. Duong Chi Tinh,  Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of NEWTATCO Board of Members, presenting a speech at the ceremony

30 years ago, while the entire Party, people and army were determined to successfully implement the resolution of the 6th National Party Congress, with a strategic vision on the role of enterprises in technology application associated with socio-economic development, on 5/10/1991, Vietnam Institute of Science and Technology (now Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology) issued a decision to establish the Tourism and Technology Development Corporation (the predecessor of New Technology Application and Tourism Company Limited - NEWTATCO) in order to perform the task of applying technology to business activities, cooperating with domestic and foreign partners to transfer technology, to contribute to promoting industrialization and modernization of the country and maintaining national security.

Newtatco's 30-year journey of innovation with the country has experienced major development stages:

Construction and maturity period (1991-2000): The Corporation developed into a large-scale enterprise operating in the whole country and many countries around the world, with dozens of member enterprises and 05 representative offices abroad, the total number of employees was up to 1000 people. The company has well implemented the policy of developing business scale associated with application and technology transfer in the fields of consulting, construction of electrical works, cooperation with foreign partners on technology transfer.

Enterprise renovation period (2001-2010): Implementing the policy of the Party and the State on innovation to improve business efficiency, creating a premise for Vietnam to join the World Trade Organization (WTO), according to the policy of leaders at all levels, the Corporation both organizes business and renovates enterprises. In October 2010, according to Decision 1266/KHCNVN of VAST’s President, the company completed the transformation into a one-member limited liability company.

Stabilization, investment and development period (2011 to present): The company has made breakthroughs in all 3 fields: Technology, Investment and Services.

  • In the field of technology: (1) in terms of electricity technology, the company has implemented many key power projects such as: technology transfer of urban architectural lighting in Hanoi; directly install and maintain the electrical system at the Office of the Party Central Committee, the Office of the President, the Office of the Government, the Ministry of National Defense...; In 2020, the company successfully applied new technology equipment in the field of renewable energy at Trung Nam Solar Power Plant project - Ninh Thuan province. (2) In terms of building management technology (iBMS), the company has researched and applied digital technology in integrated management of equipment in buildings, urban areas, and industrial parks, such as: Vietnam Television Station, Vietnam Electricity, Thang Long Tobacco Factory, Vinaphone, State Bank and VTC. (3) In terms of communication technology, NEWTATCO has manufactured, supplied and installed equipment for the commune-level grassroots broadcasting system applying information and telecommunications technology to promptly serve the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, flood prevention in the central provinces and especially on propaganda for the Party Congress and the election of the People's Councils at all levels.
  • In field of investment: NEWTATCO's products to the market include housing for social policy, military policy to high-class housing, commercial centers and urban areas. From 2010 up to now, the company has provided more than 1000 apartments for social policy housing, military rear policy and more than 1000 high-class commercial houses and tens of thousands of square meters of office space for lease, typically: Cosmo Tay Ho project, Watermark project, Tu Hiep project and Lai Xa project.
  • In field of service: (1) for labor export industry, NEWTATCO has signed more than 50 Agreements with major Japanese trade unions on technical internship programs for foreigners; sending more than 4000 trainees to practice skills in Japan. (2) For building management and operation industry, the company has performed well in receiving and effectively exploiting the company's post-investment products and gradually expanding to the market. (3) For hotel business and office for lease, the company has effectively exploited and used the assigned locations for management.

In 30 years of construction and development, NEWTATCO company has made many achievements, been recognized and awarded many noble titles by the Party, Government, ministries, departments, branches and localities; and awarded many emulation titles by VAST to the company's collectives and individuals. Specifically, the company received four state awards: Third-class Labor Medal in 2011; Second-class Labor Medal in 2016; Certificate of Merit of the Prime Minister in 2014; 03 individuals who are leaders of the company received the Certificate of Merit from the Prime Minister.

With the achievements made and on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the company, the company was honored to be awarded the Certificate of Merit by the Prime Minister. This is a noble award of the State for outstanding achievements in work, contributing to the cause of building socialism and defending the country.

Vice President Tran Tuan Anh presents the Prime Minister's Certificate of Merit to NEWTATCO

Speaking at the ceremony, on behalf of the Party Committee and leaders of the Academy, Vice President Tran Tuan Anh acknowledged and highly appreciated the efforts of generations of the Company's staff in successfully implementing the development strategy in all 3 fields of Technology, Investment and Services, especially in the complicated context of the current COVID-19 pandemic. The Vice President congratulated the company on receiving the Certificate of Merit from the Prime Minister and hoped that in the coming time, NEWTATCO would continue to promote the achieved results, continue to closely coordinate with research institutes and scientists of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology in cooperation in application and technology transfer in accordance with the company's capacity.

Awarding the 30th anniversary of the Company's founding contest

Grateful to former leaders of NEWTATCO

Translated by Phuong Ha
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