Natural Science and Technology Publisher wins two Vietnam Book prizes 2013

The Vietnam Book Award 2013, held by the Vietnam Publishing Association, drew the participation of 37 Vietnamese publishers with 328 books, including 188 books for the Interesting Book prize and 140 for the Beautiful Book prize. Many books registered for both prizes.

On December 28th 2013,the Vietnam Book Award announced 83 winning works, including 56 interesting book and 40 beautiful books. The Natural Sciences and Technology Publisher under the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) won two prizes for its two books, including “Vietnam Geomorphology: Structure – Resources – Environment” (bronze prize of interesting book) and “Introduction of several birds in Vietnam” (consolidation prize of interesting book). VAST’s website would like to provide brief information about these two books:


“Vietnam Geomorphology: Structure – Resources – Environment” (bronze prize of interesting book)

Author: Le Duc An – Uong Dinh Khanhsach1
Book size: 16x24cm
Number of page: 659 pages

The book gives a rather comprehensive introduction about the characteristics of Vietnamese terrain and its development; geomorphologic resources, geomorphologic catastrophes and problems related to geomorphologic zones in Vietnamese territory.
Vietnamese terrain is described from the point of view of the theory about form structure and form sculpture, associated with the Southeast Asian wet tropical nature and tectonic condition. For the first time, the book presents full information about the East Sea geomorphology, especially the geomorphology of Vietnamese territorial waters, including sea shores, lagoons, river gates, bays, coastal island system and Hoang Sa and Truong Sa archipelagos.

Vietnamese geomorphologic sources are described through geomorphologic heritages and directly related resources, including position resources, mineral resources and tourism resources.

Mentioned geomorphologic catastrophes include land slide and depression, flash flood, stone mud flood, flood, river and sea side erosion, roving sand and catastrophes directly related to sea level rise.

The book has a diagram of Indochina Peninsula geomorphologic zoning and Vietnam’s mainland geomorphologic zoning, Vietnam’s sea bed and its surroundings geomorphologic zoning. The 659-page book included four sections, 12 chapters, 46 images, 84 tables and 86 photos.


“Introduction on several birds in Vietnam” (consolidation prize for interesting book)

Author: Le Manh Hungsach2
Book size: 14.5x20.5cm
Number of page: 585 pages

The book is the first and complete publication of a photo collection of more than 50% of birds in Vietnam, taken by the author in all regions nationwide. The book introduces 532 birds in Vietnam through 841 photos, especially six special species, 25 species in danger of extinction worldwide and 21 species in danger of extinction and listed in the Vietnam Red Book.

The book will not only supplement information and update scientific information about recognition and distribution of species, but also improve the community’s awareness of the value and importance of wild animals in general and birds in particular.


Translated by Tuyet Nhung


Link to Vietnamese Version

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