National Assembly's delegation "The implementation of policies and laws on science and technology market development" at Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology

Implementing Resolution 1359/NQ-UBKHCNMT15 dated 05/04/2023, dated 30/11/2023, the Thematic Monitoring Delegation of the Committee on Science, Technology and Environment of the National Assembly, led by Deputy Director Nguyen Phuong Tuan, had a meeting with Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) to clarify the issue of policy implementation, legislation on science and technology market development at the institutional unit.

Attending the meeting, on the side of VAST there was Prof. Dr. Chu Hoang Ha - Vice President of VAST, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phan Tien Dung – Director of Department of Application & Development of Technology, together with representatives of support departments and some units under VAST.

Over the years, VAST has consolidated scientific and technological organizations associated with research and training activities, encouraged various types of cooperation with enterprises to discover, seek technology solutions, transfer technology to enterprises; formulate mechanisms and policies to encourage scientific research and technological development activities. In 2017, the Party Committee of VAST issued Resolution 159-NQ/UVHL on promoting the application and deployment of technology of VAST, period 2016-2020, vision to 2030 and in 2022, the Party Committee of VAST issued a Resolution to continue implementing Resolution 159-NQ/UVHL, creating positive changes and giving 04 appropriate directions and tasks to transfer research results research at the request of ministries, branches and localities as well as transfer technologies to create specific products for enterprises in the production of competitive goods in the market through the signing of scientific and technological cooperation agreements with ministries, sectors, localities and enterprises. 

In addition, VAST’s leaders advocated to innovate methods of promoting the Institute's research results to the community, such as participating in national and international exhibition events on technology, organizing seminars, conferences, forums to connect scientific fields to specific audiences... These events create opportunities for scientists and businesses to cooperate, exchange and learn about business issues to develop and perfect technology to meet practical needs. Moreover, there has been a section "Commercialized products" on the website and has printed Technology Brochures in 2016, 2018 ... The guidelines of VAST’s leaders have had very impressive results, every year there are over 1600 articles published in prestigious scientific journals in the world and over 50 Intellectual Property Patents (in 2023, it will be 77 Patents) which is a major source of intellectual property and is continued by the Academy to have a strategy to exploit, promote in order to quickly bring intellectual property into the science and technology market.

It can be seen that VAST has applied creativity in implementing legal policies on S&T market development and was recognized by the world through the award of the "Innovation Leadership in South Asia and Southeast Asia" (Government Research Organization category) by the world-famous science and technology database organization About Clarivate, UK for 02 consecutive years 2020 and 2021 for VAST. 

Vice President Chu Hoang Ha speaks at the meeting

However, there are still many barriers in the implementation of policies and laws on science and technology market development. Firstly, there is no mechanism to encourage scientists to pursue the final finished technology product, it is difficult to train good experts and engineers; In addition, there are no appropriate mechanisms and policies for intermediary organizations to connect scientists and businesses. Secondly, there are many laws with the same regulations such as the Law on Science and Technology, the Law on Intellectual Property, the Law on Technology Transfer, the Law on Public Property,... overlapping, so it is very difficult to apply intellectual property transfer to the market. Third, some policies apply generally, so it is difficult in S&T activities as well as S&T market development, such as reducing staff and reducing focal points...

Delegates in the Monitoring delegation also raised many questions, focusing on the delineation between funding for scientific careers and investment; problems when implementing Decrees 60 (Regulations on autonomy mechanism), Decree 70 (Regulations on the management and use of assets formed through the implementation of scientific tasks), Decree 95 (Regulations on investment and financial mechanisms for science and technology activities). …


Delegates discuss at the meeting

Mr. Nguyen Phuong Tuan – Head of the Monitoring Delegation delivers the concluding speech of the meeting

In concluding remarks, Comrade Nguyen Phuong Tuan highly appreciated the achievements in scientific research and application, technology deployment of the Academy in recent years, as well as having well prepared the report at the request of the National Assembly Monitoring Delegation. The monitoring delegation noted the recommendations of the Academy, requested the Academy to add details of problems in practice and in the implementation of documents, from which the monitoring delegation synthesized reports at competent levels, in order to perfect mechanisms and policies to create development for scientific research.

On behalf of the Committee on Science, Technology and Environment, he proposed to place an order with VAST in a number of fields. Firstly, focusing resources on research and training of high-quality human resources for the semiconductor technology industry, in order to meet Industry 4.0. Secondly, inviting the Institute as an expert to advise the National Assembly in appraising the National Marine Spatial Plan for the period 2021-2030, with a vision to 2045. Regarding VAST’s proposal for a Controlled Experimentation Mechanism (sandbox), the Committee will comment when the Digital Technology Industry Law is approved (expected in the second session in 2024). 

Previously, the monitoring delegation went to the field survey at Institute of Materials Science, Institute of Tropical Engineering and Center for High-tech Development.

Field Survey at Institute of Materials Science - Tour of the Traditional Room of the Institute

Field survey at Institute of Tropical Technology – Solar thermal reflective paint technology using domestically produced nanomaterials

Field survey at Center for High-tech Development


Translated by Phuong Ha
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