Meeting with KOHSEI MULTIPACK Company and MISUZU Company (Japan)

Leaders and business representatives of KOHSEI MULTIPACK Company and MISUZU Company (Japan) came to work and introduce products at the Institute of Environmental Technology. Participating in the meeting were representatives of the Pollution Control Department, General Department of Environment.


KOHSEI MULTIPACK Company (KMV) is a member of KOHSEI Group, based in Japan, a parent company and many branches in Korea, Philippine, Vietnam. The main production products of the Company are PP and PE packaging used to contain hazardous waste, radioactive waste and waterproof geotextile for landfills. The product (bag type and belt case) of the Company can be used to transport waste from the transfer station to the gathering place. The product has high durability, good use in the environment for 3-5 years, and can withstand UV radiation in the period of 900 - 1500 hours.

During the meeting, the parties exchanged views on the ability to widely use KMV"s products in the management and transportation of hazardous waste in Vietnam.

Tranlated by Mai Lan

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