Marine geology and geophysics research continuing

“Research on marine geology and geophysics” is a scientific publication of the Institute of Marine Geology and Geophysics (IMGG). The Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology covered part of the expenses to introduce research results in the fields of geology, geochronology, tectonics, deep architecture, environmental geology, remote sensing, geophysical schools (magnetic fields, gravity and seismic activity), atmospheric physics, oceanography physics, environment and marine sources by scientists.

Research on marine geology and geophysics


The first volume of the work was published in 1993. In 2010, volume 11 was published. From the 10th volume in 2009, the work is officially granted the international standard code by the Ministry of Science and Technology according to Document 322/ TTKHCN-ISSN on August 18th 2009.

IMGG now publishes one volume per year with improved quality. From the eight volumes, drawings, tables, charts, and illustrated photos can be printed in colour to improve articles. In addition, articles were sent to leading experts to read and edit so that higher quality writings from scientists both inside and outside the academy were chosen.

The latest is the 11th volume, including 12 scientific projects carried out in 2009 and 2010 by authors from VAST and others. They are:

•    Morphological structural characteristics in deep water areas of the East Sea
•    The role of Northeast-Southwest compression tectonics activities in the structural evolution of the northern gulf and the Red River Basin.
•    Legal and technical issues in defining boundaries outside the continental shelf in the north of the East Sea.
•    Map of volcano source and landslide regions above the continental shelf of south central Vietnam.
•    Fault system in the west of the East sea at Kainozoi front-foundation in the central continental shelf according to the interpretation of gravity data.
•    Assessing stability in floating islands in the area of Spratly islands in natural disasters.
•    Establishing anomalous map ∆Ta at ratio 1:500,000 in the area of Spratly and Paracel Islands. 
•    Establishing anomalous map ∆Ta in the area of Spratly Islands and Vung May expanse.
•    Model of nitrogen transformation cycle in the marine ecosystem applied in the northern gulf.
•    Applying remote sensing technology and GIS to research effects of several socio-economic activities on land environment in coastal districts in Hai Phong.
•    Researching and defining heavy metal content in water samples by phometry method.
•    Situation of landslide accidents along Ho Chi Minh trail in the central province of Ha Tinh.


Map of volcano source and landslide region in the continental shelf in south central Vietnam


Apart from research projects, the volume also updated important information about orientations for building the master plan on developing Vietnam’s marine space for managing environmental resources and affirming national sovereignty, conducted by Du Van Toan and Nguyen Hong Lan.

This rare document contributes to enriching data sources and is useful for individuals and groups of scientists, ministries and relevant agencies in research, management, socio-economic planning and the protection of national sovereignty at sea.




Translated by Tuyet Nhung
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