Litsea martabanica (Kurz) Hook. f. (Lauraceae): A new addition to the flora of Vietnam

Litsea martabanica (Kurz) Hook. f. (Lauraceae) is reported for the first time for the flora of Vietnam. Litsea martabanica can be distinguished from its closest allies, Litsea longistaminata and Litsea panamanja, by having smaller leaves, cylindrical, ellipsoid-cylindrical or ovoid fruits, and smaller and cup-shaped perianth tube. A detailed description, important taxonomic notes, and photos are provided.

Litsea martabanica (Kurz) Hook. f.

Source: Anh, L. D. N., Do, V. H., Van Huong, B., Hung, N. D., Cu, L. D., Kukhareva, L., ... & Titok, V. V. (2021). Litsea martabanica (Kurz) Hook. f.(Lauraceae): A New Addition to the Flora of Vietnam. Acta Phytotaxonomica et Geobotanica, 72(1), 61-65. DOI: 10.18942/apg.202006

News: Vietnam National Museum of Nature, VAST

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