Largest paleontology collection in Central Highland collected by Vietnam National Museum of Nature (VNMN)

In mid June, the Vietnam National Museum of Nature (VNMN) collected the largest paleontology sample collection in the Central Highlands. All fossils were collected by Mr Hoang Thanh, owner of a café named “Rock Bell Coffee Restaurant” in Buon Me Thuat from 2002 to now and handed over to the VNMN.

The collection includes:


  • Fossils belonging to Ammonoidea including 51 plots and 816 samples with diameters from 1, 2cm to 44cm and are preserved quite sufficiently.



  • Fossils belonging to Bivalvia, including 23 individuals and their preservation has been untouched.



  • Fossils belonging to Gastropoda, including 01 sample.



  • Gymnosperms fossil includes 01 sample.



  • Over 60 pieces of siliceous wood fossils, which include four large tree-trunks with the height from 1 - 3m and its diameter of 0.8-1m.



According to research results and geological surveys, these fossils have been collected in the areas exposing sediments of Dak Krong aquifer, dating back 191-175 million years ago and Ea Sup aquifer, dating back 170-154 million years ago.

"This is a collection of Ammonoidea samples, which has a great value, rich in quantity, and some samples have a diameter of 44 cm. Siliceous tree-trunks are rare in nature. This is a rare specimen," Prof. Dr. Sc. Dang Vu Khuc, a leading expert of the strata and Mesozoic Ammonoidea fossil remarked. (The first review comment quoted, on May 7th, 2010).

"This is a collection of great Palaeozoic fossil specimens very large in scope. We are unable to evaluate all its value in every aspects," Assoc. Prof. PhD. Ta Hoa Phuong, Chairman of the Vietnam Association of Paleontology - Stratigraphy, said in his second review comment.
This collection of palaeozoic samples is significant for research and display of the natural values of Vietnam, as well as valuable to educate the community in the protection of natural resources. The collection will be displayed by VNMN in the near future.




Translated by Bich Lien
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