Korean N-Biotech Company transfers stem cell technology to Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology

On July 26, 2021, Korea's N-Biotech Company, specializing in total solutions for stem cell technology, started a training course on stem cell technology transfer in two months for scientists from the Institute of Biotechnology under the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST).

In early 2021, N-Biotech Company successfully completed the Total Solution Project to provide the necessary means, equipment and technology for culturing stem cells to a number of partners in Vietnam. After being approved by the Government of Vietnam, the company conducted business proposals and business consultations with many local authorities and ministries of Vietnam. It finally decided to choose cooperation and support to establish the Center for Research on Applied Stem Cells and Gene Therapy under the Institute of Biotechnology, VAST, with the installation of biological clean rooms and necessary equipment for research in 2020.

This technical training program is the final stage of the master stem cell solution project carried out for VAST by N-Biotech company. This is the first technology that has been transferred, implemented in accordance with the content of the cooperation agreement since the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding and the establishment of the Center for Research on Applied Stem Cells and Gene Therapy.

Dae-Yong Kim, CEO of N-Biotech Company and scientists from Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology take photo at the stem cell technology alliance

This technical training was planned from the beginning of 2020, right after the agreement was signed, but was continuously delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, in 2021, the Government of Vietnam and VAST decided to send a group of Vietnamese scientists in association with the Life Science Research Center at N-Biotech Company to carry out stem cell technology transfer and clinical research. Scientists sent to train and receive transfer in Korea must apply quarantine measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic for five weeks in total (two weeks in Korea and three weeks in Vietnam).

A 2-month technical training course started on July 26, 2021. One month was held at the N-Biotech Research Center, and the next month at the Center for Research on Applied Stem Cells and Gene Therapy in Hanoi developed by N-Biotech.

During this period, N-Biotech Company not only transferred the technology and experience of cell treatment to the researchers from VAST based on the stem cell processing technology that has already been developed over the past many years, but also exchanged clinical research and research projects to develop stem cell treatment.

Mr. Dae-Yong Kim, CEO of N-Biotech Company, thanked the Vietnamese Government and VAST for their determination to allow the start of the stem cell and technology training course on N-Biotech's specialized stem cell technology in the context of the still spreading COVID-19 pandemic. N-Biotech Company hoped that this technical training course would shorten the development time of stem cell treatment in Vietnam and make a great contribution to improving the health of the Vietnamese people.

Prof. Acad. Chau Van Minh, President of VAST, expressed his pleasure that the Center for Applied Research on Stem Cells and Gene Therapy, with its modern research facility of international standards at VAST and the cooperation of N-Biotech company, will soon come into operation. By operating the Stem Cell Research Center, VAST wished to contribute to the improvement of people's health through comprehensive clinical research on stem cells and the development of treatment agents.

Translated by Tuyet Nhung
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