International workshop: Green energy and growth in ASEAN 2014

On 10 December 2014, the Institute of Energy Science organised a three-day international workshop entitled “Green energy and growth in ASEAN 2014”. The workshop attracted over 100 domestic and foreign scientists, experts and organizations working in the energy, environment and green growth areas. In particular, the workshop received an active response from senior experts and managers from the ASEAN region as well as scientists coming from the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus, Australia, the Republic of France and the Netherlands. The workshop also received the sponsor from the U.S. Office of Global Naval Research.

The workshop held aimed to help energy scientists and experts have an opportunity to share their latest research results; discuss and provide direct and multidimensional information for organizations, individuals, scientists and lecturers to expand their studies and seek cooperation in research for green energy technology in ASEAN; study for building models suitable for sustainable energy development and energy security for each nation and for the ASEAN region. Through the workshop, participants set up a network to link and exchange information between researchers in the ASEAN region and partners.

Prof. Duong Ngoc Hai, VAST Vice President delivers the opening speech of the workshop

Discussing a wide range of subject matter, from green growth policies and energy development strategies to environmentally friendly advanced energy technologies, the workshop received over 60 scientific reports, including 16 outstanding reports chosen for discussion during the workshop.

The round-table discussion during the workshop on 12 December 2014

An outstanding point of the workshop was that the Institute of Energy Science directly chaired 5 bilateral meetings with partners, gleaning results on cooperation in research and development of energy, particularly:

- The Institute of Energy Science agreed with Professor and Academician Penyazkov Oleg, President of the Institute of Heat and Substance Change, the Belarus Academy of Sciences on cooperation in research and technological transferal of drying and biomass energy;
- The Institute of Energy Science and Professor Sergey Senderov, Vice President of the Meletiev Institute of Energy System, the Russia Academy of Sciences agreed with a cooperation program on research of an optimal calculation on energy supply – demand balance, ensuring Vietnam’s energy security until 2030; and signed a memorandum of understanding;
- The Institute of Energy Science reached an agreement with Doctor Paul Dargusch, Director of training, the International Energy Center, the University of Queensland, Australia on a training program of energy technology experts and on cooperation in research and transferal of small-scale and decentralized power generation technologies;
- The Institute of Energy Science agreed with Mr. Bounchanh Douangvilay, Vice President of the Institute of Alternative Energy and New Material, Lao Ministry of Science and Technology on building a cooperation program between the two institutes on developing alternative energy technologies;
- The Institute of Energy Science reached a deal on research on the transformation of energy from trash with Doctor Bayu Indrawan from the University of Indonesia.

Translated byTuyet Nhung
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