International webinar: "Results of the 7th joint survey trip between the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology and the Russian Academy of Sciences by the ship "Academician Oparin" in Vietnamese waters

After nearly a month of conducting surveys and scientific researching at sea, the marine research ship "Academician Oparin" docked at Hai Phong port on 31/5/2021, ending the 7th joint research survey trip between the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) and Russian Academy of Sciences in the East Sea of Vietnam. On July 7, 2021, the two Academies held a webinar to evaluate the initial results of the survey, as well as discuss and plan for cooperation to effectively exploit the obtained results.

The ship "Academician Oparin" docked at Hai Phong port on May 31, ending the 7th joint research survey between the two Academies

From 2005 up to now, the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology and the Russian Academy of Sciences have successfully carried out 6 joint surveys on marine biodiversity and biochemistry in the waters of Vietnam. The 7th survey trip was carried out from May 10 to 31, 2021, continuing the tradition of research cooperation between two sides. As this special survey took place after the COVID-19 pandemic broke out globally and is still complicated until now in Vietnam and around the world, Vietnamese and Russian scientists have closely coordinated during the implementation of research activities to both ensure the itinerary and survey content, while strictly complying with epidemic prevention regulations. This is also the third survey trip to implement the "Road for cooperation in marine research for the period 2018-2025" between two Academies. 

During the 7th joint survey, the team consisting of 16 scientists from specialized institutes of VAST (Institute of Oceanography, Institute of Marine Resources and Environment, Institute of Marine Biochemistry, Institute of Natural Compound Chemistry, Nha Trang Institute of Technology Research and Application, Institute of Space Technology) along with 19 scientists from the Pacific Institute of Organic Biochemistry and Institute of Marine Biology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, has added hundreds of marine flora and fauna samples to Vietnam’s marine biodiversity data, collected chemical analysis samples and evaluated potential use in medicine and pharmacy at depths up to 40-250m at survey stations in the East Sea, at the same time collected and recorded monitoring data for environmental research. 

Overview of the seminar

Speaking at the opening of the webinar, Prof. Acad. Chau Van Minh, President of VAST, congratulated scientists of two Academies for successfully completing their assigned tasks ahead of schedule during the COVID-19 pandemic, and hoped that at this seminar as well as in the future, two sides will exchange regularly and actively to effectively exploit all samples and data collected during the survey, contribute to strengthening the existing cooperation activities between two Academies. At the bridge point directly from Vladivostok, Prof. Acad. Valentin Sergienko, Vice President of  Russian Academy of Sciences emphasized that the 7th survey transfer - the first international marine survey of  Russian Academy of Sciences, Far Eastern Branch since the COVID-19 pandemic - has been successfully completed with the close cooperation of Vietnamese scientists and hopes that joint publications and new scientific projects on joint research of Vietnamese - Russian scientists on the basis of this survey trip will be released as soon as possible. 


Prof. Acad. Chau Van Minh, President of Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology and Prof. Acad. Valentin Sergienko, Vice President of Russian Academy of Sciences, at the webinar

In addition to the summary report of the two leaders of the Vietnam - Russia survey team and some reports on the preliminary results on the number and classification of collected samples, scientists of two Academies discussed and agreed to effectively exploit the collected samples and publish research results in Vietnam's waters on marine biodiversity, focus on deep sea areas, coral reef ecology and the natural regenerative capacity of reef-building corals; active substances from marine microorganisms; diversify the bio-diversity of marine organisms and activities of some biologically active substances, as well as continue to analyze monitoring data and satellite images. 


Dr. Anton N. Yurcheko, Head of the Russian Scientific Delegation, and Dr. Nguyen Dang Ngai, Head of the Vietnamese scientific delegation, reported on the survey results

The 7th joint survey once again affirms the effectiveness of traditional cooperation between VAST and Russian Academy of Sciences in marine scientific research, contribute to strengthen international cooperation, facilitate the exchange of new knowledge, form new partnerships, contribute to further development of bilateral cooperation, deepen relationship between two Academies in particular and friendship between Vietnam and Russia in general. 

Taking photo

Translated by Phuong Ha
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