International scientific conference on chemistry for sustainable development marks 40th anniversary of the Institute of Chemistry

The Institute of Chemistry is a leading research agency of chemistry in Vietnam. It was established according to Decision 230/CP dated September 16th, 1978, of the Prime Minister, with the task of researching oriented basic issues in the field of chemistry; researching applications; training chemistry researchers; and building cooperation in research and training with domestic and foreign organizations.

Over the past 40 years, the institute has obtained achievements in the fields of inorganic chemistry, physics chemistry, analytical chemistry, theoretical chemistry, electrochemistry, organic chemistry, and polymer chemistry. Especially, in five recent years (2013-2018), the institute has been assigned to carry out over 500 projects at all levels; granted two patents for invention and 11 useful solutions; and published four textbooks and references. In addition, the Institute has trained 92 PhD and 29 MA students in different chemistry fields. 30 PhD and 25 MA students have successfully defended.

 The overview of the conference

After 40 years, the Institute affirmed its position with potential in human, infrastructure and modern equipment. On the occasion of the 40th founding anniversary, on September 10th and 11th, the institute organized the “International Scientific Conference on Chemistry for Sustainable Development 2018.” The event drew the participation of more than 25 delegates from universities and institutes such as Great Britain, Japan, RoK, Russia, Belarus and Italy, and more than 200 researchers.


Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Tuyen made a speech at the opening ceremony

Since 2008, every five years, the Institute has held an international scientific conference. This is an opportunity for scientists to meet, share new scientific results, and exchange experiences in research, thus opening new research directions and opportunities for future cooperation. It is also a chance for the Institute to pay gratitude to Vietnamese and foreign scientists.

The conference is divided into two sub-committees: Materials Science and Life Sciences; with 5 plenary reports, 14 conference reports in two subcommittees and 25 poster presentations summarizing new findings of scientists inside and outside the Institute, including 15 scientific reports of foreign scientists and 4 scientific reports of Vietnamese scientists.

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Scientists present scientific reports at the conference

At the conference, experts and scientists discussed and shared their latest results, research directions and exchanged valuable experiences. According to Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Tuyen, head of the Institute of Chemistry, reports at the conference were of good quality, reflecting quite adequately the sustainable development trend of current and future chemistry. Professors and scientists participating in the conference also highly appreciated the international conference organized by the Institute due to the content and quality of the new reports, updated with current research trends in the world. Through the conference, scientists of the Institute of Chemistry have the opportunity to learn of new research results in the world. This is a continuation of the traditional cooperation and a good start for new cooperation.

Translated by Tuyet Nhung
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