Institute of Tropical Technology with 40 years of construction and development

On September 24, 2020, at the great hall of Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST), the Institute of Tropical Technology solemnly held the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Institute of Tropical Technology (1980-2020) and received the Government's Emulation Flag.

Attending the ceremony, there were Prof.Dr. Phan Ngoc Minh, Vice President of VAST; Prof.Acad. Nguyen Van Hieu, Former Director of Vietnam Academy of Science; Dr. Ho Thanh Binh, Member of the 14th National Assembly, Member of the Committee for Culture, Education, Youth, Children; Leaders, former leaders of Vietnam Academy of Science, National Center for Natural Science and Technology, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology over time ; Vice Chairman of Vietnam Chemical Association; Chairman of Vietnam Plant Protection Business Association (VIPA); Vice Chairman and General Secretary of Fertilizer Association; Chairman of Vietnam Association of Natural Products; Program leader "Research and apply and develop new material technology" (KC.02); Representatives of the Hanoi Department of Science and Technology, the National Science and Technology Development Fund; Vietnam-Russia Tropical Center; GSNN Title Council Office; Representatives of leaders of research institutes, centers, academies, universities, non-business units of the Academy, Ministry of Defece, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment; Universities and Institutes under the Ministry of Education and Training, VNU Hanoi, Hue University, VNU Ho Chi Minh City, Ministry of Industry and Trade, and Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development; Groups, Enterprises; Representative of Embassy of Belarus, Representative of Wallonie - Brussels Delegation (Belgium) in Vietnam; Leaders, former leaders and all officials of the Institute of Tropical Technology over time.

Overview of the ceremony

The Institute of Tropical Technology under the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology is currently one of the leading institutions in the country in the field of tropical science and technology, making an important contribution to the industrialization and modernization of the country… The development of the Institute today is the result of more than 40 glorious years working together with the defense, construction and development of the country. 

The Institute of Tropical Technology was born in the defense of the country since 1959 due to the practical needs of production and tussle, to contribute to research, repair and restoration of military weapons for the Air and Air Defence Force, military electrical – electronic and optical equipment used in the resistance war against the United States of America, typically the southern battlefield, natural tests and tropicalization of electrical - electronic components began to be carried out at present Tropical Engineering Station (later renamed to Tropical Engineering Department).

On 8/8/1980, Deputy Prime Minister To Huu on behalf of the Government Council signed the Decision No. 248 / CP on the establishment of the Institute of Tropical Technology under the Vietnam Academy of Sciences (the forerunner of VAST Vietnamese Studies and Technology today). The first Director of the Institute of Tropical Technology is Prof. Vu Dinh Cu, former Deputy Director of Vietnam Academy of Sciences.

In the period of economic recovery of the home country after the war, the Institute continues to contribute to the reconstruction of the country in the recovery of manufacturing industries in order to revive the exhausted economy after the war. Since its official establishment in 1980 up to now, the Institute of Tropical Technology has always been one of the leading interdisciplinary research institutes in the fields of corrosion research and protection of materials, equipment, and works in tropical climatic events.

Currently, the Institute has a team of high-quality scientific researchers, including 3 Professors, 6 Associate Professors, 30 PhDs, 22 Masters and 10 engineers/Bachelor.

Institute of Tropical Technology was honored to receive the Government's Emulation Flag at the ceremony

One of the main functions of the Institute is to investigate, collect and update basic specifications and factors (climate, weather, environment) in Vietnam; Thereby, offering current solutions related to the degradation, stabilization and protection of materials (metals, non-metals) and electronic machinery - components working in typical climatic condition in Vietnam, such as making new materials with equivalent performance to withstand extreme conditions or building processes to protect materials and equipment and put them into use in practice. In addition, the Institute also coordinates with authorities and businesses in the development of standards for testing, using and evaluating materials, components and equipment working in tropical climates. 

Prof.Dr. Tran Dai Lam, Director of Institute of Tropical Technology gave the opening speech at the ceremony

In the field of protecting materials working in extreme tropical climates, the Institute has successfully applied Zn-Ni, Ni-Cr alloy coatings for use in bicycle, motorcycle and automobile parts; sacrificial anodes, making insulation grade F for Rotor in power plants; Protection of materials by inorganic layers by plasma thermal spray coating, for use in heat, abrasion and chemical industrial equipment; Chemical resistant, solar-resistant coating system used for petroleum storage tanks, metal works, concrete; special coatings for defence products and works; polymer-composite materials that protect against corrosion in the harsh environment for specialized railway transport tanks as well as high-quality, moisture-resistant, weather-resistant, composite polymer materials. in the field of transport, construction; lightning protection valves based on ZnO protect electrical, electronic, telecommunications projects ... 

Up to now, through projects at all levels and international cooperation programs, the Institute has published more than 2000 scientific articles, of which about 400 articles have been published in international journals (in recent years, the annual average number of international publications has grown faster, with 30-40 articles / year in prestigious international journals). Dozens of monographs and textbooks have been published and used in universities/specialized training institutes. The Institute has registered and owned a number of patents granted by the World Intellectual Property Organization, the European Patent Office and many patents for invention/utility solution patents as well as copyright certificates issued by the National Office of Intellectual Property (Ministry of Science and Technology).

With its contributions to the defense, construction and development of the country, the Institute of Tropical Technology was honored to receive the First Class Labor Medal (1995), Third Class Independence Medal (2005), Certificate of Merit from the Prime Minister (2015) and the Emulation Flag of the Prime Minister (2020). Research staff of the Institute have been awarded many noble awards in both basic research as well as applied research and development such as: VIFOTEC, L’Oréal-UNESCO; Golden Globe, Ta Quang Buu ...

On behalf of VAST's leadership, Prof.Dr. Phan Ngoc Minh, Vice President of the Institute congratulated the officials and scientists of the Institute of Tropical Technology on the 40th anniversary. He said, after 40 years of construction and development, the Institute of Tropical Technology has grown continuously. The Institute has had many important and comprehensive achievements in all aspects of activities from basic research, technology research and development, science and technology application in reality, human resource training, international cooperation to master many technologies and materials, succeed in the field of tropicalization, anti-corrosion and anti-pollution. VAST highly appreciates and believes the Institute of Tropical Technology will strongly develop, bring into play a good tradition of "diligence, creativity, overcoming difficulties, always being connected to reality" in order to have more scientific, technological, training results as well as new products, contributing more to the cause of building socialism and defending the country. 

In fact of the country's rapid economic and social development, as well as the strong impacts of the 4 industrial revolution, the Institute of Tropical Technology determined that, in the coming time, each staff must make efforts to create and improve their skills; the Institute's research orientations must catch up with social trends and requirements; continue to improve the quality of research and development on corrosion and material protection; step by step bring tropical technology into green and environmentally friendly technology; develop more new technologies, new products; promote training order to always maintain its position as the leading institution of the country in the field of tropical science and technology.

Translated by Phuong Ha
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