Insecticidal and attractant activities of Magnolia Citrata leaf essential oil against two major pets from Diptera: Aedes Aegypti (Culicidae) and Ceratitis Capitata (Tephritidae)

In this study, Magnolia citrata Noot and Chalermglin (Magnoliaceae) essential oil (MCEO) was evaluated for insecticidal activity against the yellow fever mosquito Aedes aegypti and attractant activity for the Mediterranean fruit fly Ceratitis capitata.

he leaves of Magnolia citrata (Giổi chanh) were collected from northwestern Vietnam, and the water-distilled MCEO was analyzed by gaschromatography and mass spectrometry (GC-MS). The major constituents of MCEO were identified as linalool 19%, geranial 16%, citronellal 14%, neral 14%, and sabinene 12%. MCEO showed 100% mortality at 1 µg/µL against 1st instar larvae of Ae. aegypti (Orlando strain, ORL), and the oil exhibited 54% (ORL) and 68% (Puerto Rico strain) mortality at 5 µg/mosquito against Ae. aegypti adult females. Initial screens showed that MCEO had weak insecticidal activity compared to the positive control permethrin. In bioassays with sterile male C. capitata, MCEO exhibited moderately strong attraction, comparable to that observed with a positive control, Tetradenia riparia essential oil (TREO). Herein, the insecticidal and attractant activities of MCEO are reported for the first time.

News: Luu Dam Ngoc Anh, Vietnam National Museum of Nature, VAST
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