Influence Factor of Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology’s scientific journals continues to maintain and develop

At the end of June 2023, Clarivates Analytics announced the 2022 Journal Impact Factor (JIF) for all journals in the Web of Sciences (WoS) database. Accordingly, since 2023, 9,136 journals (ESCI and AHCI) under the list of Emerging Journal Citation Indexes were evaluated JIF for the first time. In 2023, 5 of 12 ESCI Journals of Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology have the following JIF:
1. Advances in Natural Science: Nanoscience and Nanotechnology – IF 2,1;
2. Vietnam Journal of Mathematics - IF 0,8;
3. Acta Mathematica Vietnamica – IF 0,5;
4. Vietnam Journal of Earth Sciences – IF 1,5;
5. Vietnam Journal of Chemistry – IF 0,9;
In addition to the citation system of Web of Sciences, the above-mentioned journals and Vietnam Journal of Science and Technology maintain stability in the Scopus citation system.

Besides, Acadmedia Journal of Biology is indexed in the Additional Web of Science Indexes - ZooRec system, with the name "Biology Journal".

This is a good signal of the Scientific Journals of Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology for continuing to strive and maintain development and have a higher JIF in the coming time. The remaining 05 scientific journals of the Academy are following the progress and are expected to join the global citation system such as Scopus or Web of Science in the next few years.
Translated by Phuong Huyen 
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