High - performance Nanocomposite rubber material based on Blend NBR/UHMWPE rubber

Rubber is one of the most useful and widely used materials in many different fields. In particular, nitrile rubber (NBR) is the most commonly used rubber material in the automotive and aviation fields, with many excellent technical characteristics such as ease of processing, wide working temperature range (from -35oC to 100oC) and especially resistant to grease. However, the use of this material in manufacturing rubber parts in harsh conditions is limited due to NBR rubber’s low wear resistance and heat aging. Therefore, the task of technology development: “Research and manufacture high-performance nanocomposite rubber materials on the basis of NBR/UHMWPE blend rubber, oriented to produce rubber parts with high wear resistance and grease resistance” has scientific significance and high practicality.

The goal of this task is to fabricate a nanocomposite rubber material with high mechanical properties, high strength, wear resistance, grease resistance and application of nanocomposite rubber material in manufacturing rubber silver in pumps, and in wear-resistant and grease-resistant rubber parts in industrial equipment and engines. To achieve this goal, the task has combined two solutions to improve the mechanical and thermal properties of the material: the first one is to blend NBR rubber with UHMWPE resin with wear-resistant, self-lubricating and heat resistant to optimize the properties as well as the cost of the material; the second one is to apply the co-reinforcement effect of Nano silica additive in combination with carbon black filler to improve the mechanical and physical properties of the rubber blend NBR/UHMWPE.

The task obtained the following results:

  • Fabricated high-performance nanocomposite rubber material from a blend of nitrile rubber/ultra – high molecular weight polyethylene (NBR/UHMWPE) with a compatibility agent of clopren rubber (CR) and reinforcing filler is black coal combined with modified Nano silica additives.
  • The obtained nanocomposite rubber material has high technical and mechanical properties that can be used to manufacture technical rubber products, especially rubber products that are heat-resistant, grease-resistant, highly wear-resistant, with the following mechanical and technical properties: Breaking tensile strength: 25.62 MPa; elongation at break: 415%; Hardness: 86 Shore A; abrasion: 0.178 cm3/1.61km; swelling in diesel oil: 5.22%.
  • Developed a process to manufacture high-performance nanocomposite rubber materials at a laboratory scale with a capacity of ≤ 350g/batch;
  • Granted 01 Patent for “Nanocomposite rubber material and manufacturing process” on 28/7/2021 by the National Office of Intellectual Property;
  • Fabricated 05 products of rubber slip-silver from high-performance nanocomposite rubber material
  • Has published 01 article in Chemistry Journal and participated in training 01 master.

The task was assessed as Excellent by the Acceptance Council on February 23, 2022.

Some photos of the task:

Morphological structure of fracture surface of rubber blend NBR/UHMWPE with carbon black and Nano silica The swelling of the material samples on the basis of rubber blend NBR/UHMWPE

Thermal analysis diagram of rubber blend samples NBR/UHMWPE with black coal and Nano silica

Translated by Phuong Ha
Link to Vietnamese version

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