First Vietnamese geologist sets his foot to the South Pole

At the invitation of the head of the Korea Polar Research Institute (KOPRI), Dr. Doan Dinh Lam, head of the Sedimentary Research Department under the Institute of Geological Sciences participated in a summer survey at King George island in the South Pole from January 11th 2010 to February 8th 2010. The delegation conducted a geological survey and collected specimens at Barton and Weiver peninsulas and King George island.

Dr. Doan Dinh Lam conducted geological surveys at King George island in the South Pole


Situated in the north of the South Pole, King George island was discovered by William Smith in 1819. Barton and Weiver peninsulas lie west of King George, with co-ordinates at S.62o.12’/W 58o42’. On King George island, there are 44 research centers of 18 countries in the world. There are many sedimentary formations, eruptive sediment of the Kreta-Paleogen age, as well as eruptive and infiltrative formations, cutting sedimentary formations, and eruptive sediment.



During the survey, Dr. Lam collected geological and lichenous specimens at the peninsula for research and display at museums in Vietnam. The Vietnamese flag flew at the Korean Sejong station on King George island in the South Pole during his activities on the island. When he returned Vietnam, he brought more than 30 kilos of geological and lichenous specimens of all kinds from King George.


Several lichenous specimens collected by Dr. Doan Dinh Lam during his survey at the South Pole


The success of the summer survey at King George island contributed to affirming the presence of Vietnamese scientists at the South Pole, the land that implicates many interesting things and is generating great attention to scientists in the world. It is hoped that in the future, Vietnam will conduct more research at the South Pole, affirming Vietnam’s position in the international community.


The Vietnamese flag is flying at the Korean Sejong station on King George island in the South Pole


Translated by Tuyet Nhung

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