Experiencing Hoa Lac Observatory

Perhaps many of us once had dreams of becoming an astronomer, exploring distant planets in the vast universe. To realize that desire requires a long time of study and research. However, in Hanoi, there is a certain place that will be a fulcrum and a solid basis for the journey to conquer that dream. That is the Hoa Lac Observatory!

Vietnam National Space Center would like to introduce "Experiencing Hoa Lac Observatory", broadcast in the program "Living in Hanoi" carried by Hanoi Television.

The following is the reportage:

The observatory is located at Lang - Hoa Lac Hi-tech Park, 30km from the center of Hanoi, in the complex of works including Vietnam Space Museum; Hoa Lac Observatory and the Cosmic Projection House invested the Vietnam National Space Center.

The overview of Hoa Lac Observatory

In addition to scientific research, this is also a place to provide knowledge about space to the community, arouse passion for science, love for astronomy and the universe among young people.
Visitors will watch shorts films on fascinating visual effects on astronomy, planets in the solar system and life from the beginning.

The cosmic projection house is equipped with a system of 6 high-resolution projectors and a high dome to create a sense of depth like a 3D effect that reproduces a realistic image of the sky and stars, helping viewers to have an experience like flying into space.

Ngo Hieu Anh from Giang Vo Secondary School, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi said, “I like looking at the telescope to see planets millions of light years away. In fact, those planets have changed, and we are just looking at its past. This surprises me.”

Mr. Le Xuan Huy, Deputy General Director of Vietnam National Space Center said that “Currently, this center is only testing. The two relatively completed components are the projection house and the telescopes. The telescopes here serve research. The projection house can accommodate hundreds of people and the content can be highly customized."

Telescope with a diameter of 0.5 m allows to take pictures of galaxies, nebulae, double star system; Watch for storms and activities taking place on the surface of some planets near the Earth in the Solar System

Visitors also experience the telescope placed above the observatory to learn about the sky. The large aperture allows for seeing lights which is 4 thousand times fuzzier than the light the normal eye can see. In addition, Hoa Lac Observatory also has many interesting models related to aerospace such as rocket model, satellite model, bringing many new experiences.

In the near future, an astronomy museum, the first of its kind in Vietnam, will be built here.

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Translated by Tuyet Nhung
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