Expanding cooperation opportunities with the Paris Institute of Advanced Mechanical Engineering (ISAE-Supméca)

On September 18, 2023, Prof. Dr. Chu Hoang Ha, Vice President of Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST), received the delegation of the Paris Institute of Advanced Mechanical Engineering led by Prof. Philippe GIRARD, General Director of ISAE-Supméca.

Receiving the delegation was also Professor. Jean-Marc Lavest, Principal of the University of Science and Technology Hanoi (USTH); and Dr. Le Quynh Lien, Head of International Cooperation Department, VAST. At the meeting, the two sides discussed cooperation in training scientific and technical engineers.

ISAE-Supméca (Institut Supérieur de Mécanique de Paris) is a public technical training institute in Saint-Ouen. Since its founding in 1948, the Institute has had a strong scientific research bent and a mission to train engineers for industry. The Institute's areas of excellence include mechanical engineering, mechatronics and digital technology for complex product development. The main industries involved include aviation, railways, automobiles, space, transportation, energy and healthcare.

Vice President Chu Hoang Ha welcomed representatives of ISAE-Supméca to VAST and expressed his expectations for the cooperative relationship between the two sides in the future, especially when ISAE-Supméca and USTH and VAST both possess strengths in training and research.

ISAE-Supméca representative introduced more about the Institute's activities in the fields of training and research. Research at ISAE-Supméca initially specialized in metallurgy and physics of materials. Today it is part of the Quartz laboratory and focuses on four main topics: Friction and materials; Vibrations, acoustics, structures and mechanical forms; Sustainable system; and Mechatronic and multiphysics systems engineering. Representatives of USTH and VAST also informed about USTH's education and training activities and cooperation development plans in general. On that basis, the two sides discussed the prospects for development cooperation in training and research.

Vice President Chu Hoang Ha hopes that the two sides will gradually form coordinated research work, form research groups, exchange students and common laboratories. This coordination of training and research will contribute to strongly promoting the training of future young generations - a key issue in the development and growth of each country.


Exchange and take souvenir photos at the end of the meeting


Translated by Quoc Khanh
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