Executive Board Meeting of the International Center for Physics and the International Center for Mathematical Research and Training

Based on the Agreement between the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the International Center for Physics (ICP) and the International Center for Mathematical Training and Research (ICRTM) (Center Type II) were established and officially launched in October 2021.

Overview of the meeting 

ICP and ICRTM have the main activities including: (1) Physics and mathematics training at international level, (2) Physics and mathematics research at international level, and (3) Advising policy makers, experts in education and public communication in the field of physics and mathematics. For the training segment, there are 4 main categories: Talent training, advanced; Postgraduate-level physics and mathematics training; Postdoctoral training in physics and mathematics, and Development of training programs, processes for selection, management, financial support for international training of master's and doctoral degrees in the field of physics and mathematics through scientific research programs and projects. In terms of research, the two Centers organize research groups and topics to build strong research groups at regional and international levels, with emphasis on the participation of foreign physicists and mathematicians. At the same time, promote regional and international cooperation in physics and mathematics research (organizing international seminars; regional and international scientific exchanges; formulating and participating in regional and international research programs and projects).

ICP and ICRTM are governed and supported by the Governing Board consisting of representatives of Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology; Representative of Ministry of Science and Technology; Representative of Institute of Physics/Institute of Mathematics; Executive Secretary (or representative) of UNESCO's International Basic Science Programme (IBSP) and Director of the Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) or representative as proposed by the Director-General of UNESCO.

Dr. Le Quynh Lien – Director of International Cooperation Department, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, chaired the session

Implementing the operational plan, on October 10, 2023, the ICP and ICRTM Executive Board held the 2023 Session in person at VAST headquarters and connected online with IBSP and ICTP, discussing and approving the operational report, the 2024 plan and the 2024-2028 medium-term plan. The ICP and ICRTM Executive Boards are: Dr. Le Quynh Lien, Director of International Cooperation Department, VAST; Dr. Nguyen Thi Thanh Ha – Deputy Director General of the Department of Social Science and Natural Sciences, Ministry of Science and Technology; Mr. Shaofeng Hu, Director General of the Department of Natural Sciences and Science Policy, IBSP; Prof. Claudio Arezzo, Head of the Department of Mathematics, ICTP. Prof. Nguyen Dai Hung represents Institute of Physics in the Executive Board of ICP and Prof. Phung Ho Hai represents Institute of Mathematics on the ICRTM Executive Board.


Mr. Do Hoang Tung – Deputy Director of ICP and Ms. Phan Ha Duong – Deputy Director of ICRTM reported at the meeting

The Management Board highly appreciated the activities of the two Centers after the official launch such as training and research activities in physics/mathematics at international level in the form of national and international classes, conferences, seminars; sponsoring scientific research projects for outstanding young scientists, excellent PhD students and potential young scientists of Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Not only in training and research activities, the two centers also make great efforts in propagating to the public about mathematics and physics through various activities such as organizing mass lectures of experts, organizing International Mathematics Day in the spirit of UNESCO, Vietnam Book Day, and Science and Technology Day. In addition, there are many other activities contributing to promoting scientific knowledge to the community that are also interested in diversifying the activities of the two Centers. 

In 2023, the International Physics Center - ICP successfully organized 03 international physics conferences, 02 international classes on theoretical physics and photonics, 10 seminars on physics research and applications, 15 projects for excellent research groups,  02 projects for PhD students, training 01 PhD student from Laos; International Center for Mathematical Research and Training – ICRTM successfully organized 03 international mathematical conferences, 03 international classes, 07 projects for excellent research groups, 07 projects for postdoctoral research groups, 07 projects for doctoral students,  03 projects for young mathematicians, 04 important events including: International Mathematics Day, Vietnam Science and Technology Day, Open Science Day, and UNESCO Sustainable Development Goals Day. These activities have concretized the committed objectives and tasks of Vietnam and UNESCO in the development of ICP and ICRTM which are training and research in Mathematics and Physics at international level; strengthening research capacity; support countries in the region in training and research in Mathematics and Physics; contribute to science and technology policy consultancy and contribute to sharing scientific and technological knowledge for the community.


Mr. Dinh Van Trung – Director of ICP and Mr. Pham Hoang Hiep – Director of ICRTM present the operation plans of the two Centers at the meeting

Regarding the 2024 plan as well as the medium-term plan, the Executive Board agreed with the proposal of ICP and ICRTM by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dinh Van Trung – Director of ICP and Prof. Dr. Pham Hoang Hiep – Director of ICRTM, to include: continuing to conduct research activities in physics, mathematics and training at international level through conferences, seminars and research topics, short courses; continue to support excellent, young talented research groups; continue to organize scientific events, mass lectures to scientists, technicians, students and students; support extracurricular activities; advising managers, policy makers, educational experts in related fields; continue to promote international cooperation, especially through diplomatic representations and international organizations in Vietnam. In addition, the Executive Board requested the two Centres to strengthen cooperation between UNESCO (C2C) centres; strengthen the implementation of research and training cooperation activities in implementation of the United Nations policies such as the implementation of development goals and open science or share with the community the emerging science and technology issues today. The promotion of cooperation in the ASEAN region was also highlighted by the members of the Executive Board in the 2024 and 2024-2028 operation plans.



Participants discuss at the meeting

In addition, ICP and ICRTM Leadership Board received some comments on the operation plan from the Representative of UNESCO Office in Viet Nam, Representative of the Subcommittee on Natural Sciences, National Committee for UNESCO Vietnam. In the coming time, the two Centers will continue to promote the achieved results, continue to implement high-quality international research and training in Physics and Mathematics; and work closely with other UNESCO Centers in transmitting scientific and technological knowledge to scientists and the community, contributing to UNESCO's educational, scientific and cultural development goals, as well as the United Nations development goals.


Translated by Phuong Ha
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