Dr. Do Thi Hoai, officer of the Vietnam Space Center, honored as "Promising Young Physicist"

According to the announcement from the Vietnam Physics Association on July 6, 2021, Dr. Do Thi Hoai, an officer of the Astrophysics and Space Department, Vietnam Space Center, won the "Promising Young Physicist" award along with two other candidates, Dr. Ta Van Duong (Military Technology Academy) and Dr. Pham Van Viet (University of Natural Sciences, Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City). This award is being granted on the occasion of the 55th anniversary of the establishment of the Vietnam Physics Association (1966-2021). Dr. Do Thi Hoai received the award for a series of research works published in the prestigious SCI journal of astronomy on the morphology and dynamics of the shell of old stars such as R Dor, EP Aqr and Mira Ceti.

The "Promising Young Physicist" award is an award of the Vietnam Physics Association which is awarded every two years to Vietnamese physicists under 40 years old. The award aims to "encourage and honor young physicists with outstanding achievements in basic research, technology development and application, and physics training and teaching". According to the award regulations, people selected for the award are researchers with outstanding works in the field of award consideration, published in prestigious international scientific journals, being granted patent rights at home and abroad, or be applied; having contributed or having the potential to contribute with outstanding results to the community and the country.

Dr. Do Thi Hoai was born in 1987, graduated with a Bachelor's degree with high quality in Physics Pedagogy, Hanoi National University of Education in 2009, under the guidance of Prof. Pierre Darriulat, with a thesis of difficult problems in astronomy. In 2010 - 2011, she continued to study for a master's degree at the Institute of Physics, with the research topic of her master's thesis "interactions of super-high-energy cosmic rays with matter in the atmosphere", within the framework of the co-direction collaboration between the Paris Observatory and the Institute of Physics (2012-2015), under the scientific guidance of Dr. Thibaut Le Bertre and Prof. Pierre Darriulat. Do Thi Hoai received her doctorate in 2015 with the topic of astrophysics research on old stars.

Since graduating from university, Dr. Hoai works at the Department of Astrophysics and Space, Vietnam Space Center. Her main research direction is on old stars. Up to now, Dr. Hoai and his colleagues in the research team have published more than 30 articles in international journals, of which 15 articles are related to the main research direction of the old star in prestigious SCI journals such as Monthly Notice of Royal Astronomical Society (MNRAS), and Astronomy and Astrophysics (AnA). Her and her colleagues' research results contribute to gradually elucidating the mechanism that breaks the symmetry structure of stars.

"Although research on old stars has made great progress in recent decades, there are still many unanswered questions, and this will remain the topic of our research in the future," said Dr. Hoai.

The "Promising Young Physicist" award of the Vietnam Physics Association is recognition of the efforts and contributions of young Vietnamese physicists in general and Dr. Do Thi Hoai in particular.


Translated by Phuong Huyen
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