Discovery and discription of a new plant species from Nothern Vietnam

While investigating the characteristics of paleobotany in northern Vietnam, the scientists from Vietnam National Museum of Nature, Vietnam Academy of Science and Xishuangbana Tropical Botanic Garden, Chinese Academy of Science, discovered and described a new plant species from Hop Thanh Village, Tuy Loc Commune, Yen Bai province, northern Vietnam, namely Equisetum yenbaiense A.T.Aung, T.Su, T.V.Do & Z.K.Zhou.

The new species has rhizomes with internodes and nodes, node round; four bunches of tubers arranged in a whorl on a node; most tubers elongate in shape, with one to two tubers in each bunch; longitudinal ridges on the surface of tuber; the tip of tuber mucronate.

Morphology of Equisetum yenbaiense (Photos by Su Tao)

The result was published on PhytoKeys 138: 3–15, 2020.

Source: Vietnam National Museum of Nature
Link to Vietnamese version

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