Contract signing ceremony for Vietnam Airlines Engineering Company VAECO and bachelors in Aviation Engineering from USTH

On November 4, 2022, at Vietnam Airlines Engineering Company (VAECO), a labor contract signing ceremony took place at VAECO and bachelors in Aviation Engineering from USTH.

Attending the ceremony, on the side of the University of Science and Technology of Hanoi (USTH), there were Prof. Jean-Marc Lavest - Rector, Dr. Nguyen Hai Dang – Vice Rector, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ngo Quang Minh – Vice Dean of Faculty of Aviation. On the side of VAECO, there were Mr. Tran Quoc Hoai - General Director, Mr. Pham Minh Hiep - Deputy General Director, Mr. Tran Viet Quang - Head of Organization and Human Resources Department, Mr. Vu Truong Thanh - Director of Training Center, and Heads of units directly employing workers. Especially with the participation of 12 USTH graduates of Aviation Engineering.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Tran Quoc Hoai, General Director of VAECO, congratulated the USTH bachelors in Aviation Engineering who have entered a new stage and with the background knowledge learned at USTH, will try to work and learn to develop a career in Aviation Engineering. On the VAECO side, there will be specific training programs so that they can develop in the field of Aeronautical Engineering. Mr. Tran Quoc Hoai thanked Hanoi University of Science and Technology for a very suitable training program that meets the human resource needs of Vietnam's aviation industry, and expressed his hope and belief that the cooperation between USTH and VAECO will grow.

Mr. Tran Quoc Hoai, General Director of VAECO, speaking at the ceremony

Prof. Jean-Marc Lavest, USTH Rector, shared that this contract signing ceremony have marked the milestone of the program that USTH and VAECO have developed in recent years. He was honored to see that USTH students were able to demonstrate their position at VAECO. In this program, there are also the participation of Vietnam Airlines and Airbus – two units that have contributed a lot to the program to train students to reach the current level. Rector Jean-Marc Lavest wished USTH Aviation Engineering graduates a successful career and increasingly contributed to the development of Vietnam's aviation industry. He hoped that the cooperation between USTH and VAECO will continue to grow stronger.

Prof. Jean-Marc Lavest, USTH Rector, speaking at the ceremony

On behalf of the bachelors of Aviation Engineering, Dao Hoai Nam sent thanks to the Board of Directors of VAECO, the School Board, the staff and lecturers of the Aviation Department of USTH, the teachers at VAECO Training Center for creating opportunities as well as imparting both professional and practical knowledge, the foundation for them to continue their careers later; and promised to strive to complete the assigned tasks, continue to study and train to become highly qualified airline employees, contributing to the overall development of the company.

Representatives of bachelor

Some photos at the labor contract signing ceremony of VAECO and bachelors of USTH Aviation Engineering:

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The Aviation Engineering Program was born in 2018 based on the strong financial support of Airbus Group and comprehensive cooperation with two leading aviation enterprises in Vietnam: Vietnam Airlines Corporation (Vietnam Airlines), Vietnam Airlines Engineering Company (VAECO); The French Aerospace Institute (IAS/Bricks) and the Alliance of 40 prestigious French universities and research institutes for the development of USTH (USTH Consortium).

The program was built with the goal of training high-quality human resources in the field of aircraft maintenance, responding to the strong development of Vietnam's aviation industry.

With the strong support of VAECO in training, students learn theory in close combination with practice with experienced engineers at VAECO's maintenance workshops to accumulate knowledge and soon get acquainted with the professional working environment.

Students after graduating from the B1-oriented bachelor's program at USTH and having a certificate of basic aircraft maintenance training level B1 of the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam, will be committed to recruitment by VAECO.


Translated by Phuong Ha
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