Conservation and development of some key medicinal species of the Central Highlands

On June 19, 2021, at the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, the State Council of Science and Technology evaluated and accepted the results of the project "Research on conservation and development of some key medicinal species of the Central Highlands, creating a number of high-value products from a few key and rare indigenous medicinal species of the Central Highlands", code TN18/C09 of the Central Highlands Program 2016-2020.

The project is chaired by Dr. Nguyen Huu Toan Phan, carried out by the Central Highlands Scientific Research Institute, VAST, with the following objectives: Identifying Central Highlands’ major medicinal species list; Building a model of conservation and development of a number of major and rare medicinal species of the Central Highlands in the direction of commodity production; Preserving and developing a number of medicinal genetic resources with high economic value, strengthening the protection of traditional knowledge about the use of medicinal herbs of ethnic communities in the Central Highlands; Completing technology to create high-quality products that are competitive in the domestic and regional markets, contributing to the socio-economic development of the Central Highlands region. 

After nearly 3 years of implementation, the project has achieved the following main results: 

  • Build a list of major medicinal herbs of the Central Highlands with 22 species capable of growing on a large scale in the Central Highlands, including a number of oriented species to both conserve and develop into commodity products.
  • On the basis of perfecting the processes of growing, harvesting and preserving 6 medicinal species (artichoke, codonopsis pilosula, curculigo orchioides, female ginseng, polyscias fruticosa, purple ginseng), the project has successfully implemented 5 models of growing 5 species of medicinal herbs (artichoke, party ginseng, curculigo orchioides, female ginseng, polyscias fruticosa) with an area of 2-3 ha/model. The obtained results are an important basis for developing these medicinal species in the Central Highlands towards commodity production. 
  • Towards the conservation and development of a number of medicinal genetic resources with high economic value, strengthening the protection of traditional knowledge about the use of medicinal herbs by ethnic minorities in the Central Highlands, the project has developed and successfully propagated the breeding process of 02 species (Lan Gam, Panax pseudoginseng) as well as proposed plans to conserve medicinal genetic resources in the Central Highlands.
  • The project has selected 9 medicinal species collected and cultivated in the Central Highlands for in-depth research on chemical composition, in order to confirm the main active ingredients as well as search for new active ingredients to improve the use value of the medicinal species. The results have isolated 80 compounds, including 09 new compounds, showing that the medicinal resources of the Central Highlands are not only diverse in species composition but also diverse in active ingredients.
  • The project has developed 4 processes to create functional foods, which are TN ginseng soft capsules, TN curculigo orchioides soft capsules, TN female ginseng soft capsules, and TN ginseng - curculigo orchioides soft capsules. These products have been tested and ensured the standards at S.P.M Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company. 

Model of intercropping artichokes with macadamia (2.5 month artichokes) in Da Lat, Lam Dong

Model of planting ginseng under the forest canopy in Ea H'leo district, Dak Lak province

Panax pseudoginseng propagation

Soft capsule products

The project has published 05 scientific articles in domestic and foreign specialized journals (including 04 articles in foreign journals), trained 05 masters and supported training 02 doctorates.

At the end of the meeting, the Scientific Council discussed and considered each research content of the topic and agreed to evaluate the project to successfully target the objectives; The scientific products of the topic are complete, have good quality, have scientific and practical significance. The project has published products and training beyond registration. The State Council for Science and Technology has accepted and evaluated the project with the "Pass" rating.

Translated by Phuong Ha
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